The Best Fish Taco Recipe...EVER!

It's CHRISTMAS time!!!

I hope you & your family are having a wonderful holidays. This is without question our favorite time of year.

Wow...we haven't done a recipe post in a while. We will try to do better in the New Year ;)

As you may know one of our favorite quick, dinner dishes is fish tacos! We have tried thousands upon thousands of different recipes for this search of the perfect fish taco.

What makes a perfect fish taco? I'm glad you asked:

- A flaky, white fish with a super crunchy coating 
- zesty & spicy sauce 
- fresh ingredients
- a few drinks & good company! 

Guess what? We've nailed it ;) So our gift to you this Christmas is a simple, and incredibly delicious recipe for the perfect fish taco. Enjoy!


1. 2 Basa fillets
2. 1 large bowl of panko breadcrumbs
3. 1/4 a cup of flour
4. 1 large egg
5. Tortillas
6. Shredded lettuce
7. 1/2 cup oil


1. 1/2 of plain yoghurt
2. 1/2 of mayo
3. 1 lime juiced
4. splash of hot sauce
5. 1tsp cumin
6. 1tsp dill
7. 1tsp oregano
8. 1tsp paprika

Pico de gallo:

1. 2 chopped tomatos
2. 3 chopped green onions
3. 1/2 lime juiced
4. Salt & Pepper to taste

Prepare your pico de gallo. Mix all of your ingredients (excluding S&P) together in a small bowl. Season with S&P to taste. Cover with cling wrap and set aside. Prepare your sauce. In another bowl combine all of your ingredients and mix until well combined. Add more lime or hot sauce to suit your preference. Cover in cling wrap & set aside.

In a small bowl, mix your flour & egg together. Do not over mix. Slice your Basa into strips and dip in the flour-egg mixture, turning to make sure it is well coated. Now toss the fish in panko breadcrumbs until well coated. Repeat this with all the fish strips. Pour your oil into a deep skillet and set on med-high heat. Fry your strips in batches and place in a paper lined bowl to drain.

To assemble, place your fish on top of your tortilla. Drizzle over your sauce. Sprinkle over your shredded lettuce & pico de gallo. Wrap & enjoy :)

Mini Road Trip: Dayboro Cafe

The last couple of weekends we have been going on "mini road trips" up to the D'Aguilar ranges & Samford Valley area in Queensland. Darrell was born in Brisbane and had been up this way many, many times....but he had never mentioned it to me! He admitted that he may have taken this truly beautiful part of the country for granted. If you are in search of a great weekend escape head up this way!

Along with the breathtaking scenery you can also enjoy some pretty amazing deals at the local cafes. One of the best things about little cafes in country towns is that they give you A LOT of food for very little cash. Looking at the prices I felt as though we were robbing them...

We checked out the Dayboro Cafe last weekend. The service were excellent. We walked in, checked out the menu, ordered and the cashier told us it would be 5 minutes. I thought to myself..."Yeah sure."

But it was LITERALLY 5 minutes.

Needless to say we left with big smiles on our faces because after all the trekking we'd done through the bush that day.... we were starving.

 Next time you are up this way & in search of a quick bite...head over to Dayboro Cafe!

We're going to Sydney: New Years 2013!!!

Our non-refundable rooms are booked so I guess that means we're going!!! 

This year has been monumental for us. I made the big move from my small town in US to Australia this year. One of the greatest decisions of my life. I absolutely love this place. We got our first place together in sunny Queensland - leaving our suitcases to collect dust in the closet.

( In case you didn't know we took an extended holiday the last few years... traveling around the US and Australia...lots of packing...and lots of hotel rooms...)

 It was a huge thing for us, settling down in one place after that.

Let's not forget...we started blogging! We began AmeriAus back in March of this year. Given 2013 was such a big year for us we wanted to end it on a high. So we are going to spend the New Years in one of the most beautiful cities on earth... at one of the most iconic locations (pictured above).

And it goes without saying we are going to literally eat the place up... So prepare yourself for our foodie adventures through Sydney. We are there from Dec 28 till a little after New Years.

We'll bring you some of the yummiest spots in town. So if you ever make the journey to Sydney your meal plan will be ready to go! Follow along with us on our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc to see what we get up to in real time.

Sydney here we come...

- C.

Breakfast at The Chelsea Bistro

The Chelsea Bistro in The Barracks has breakfast down to an art. They have one of the most interesting, diverse, and flavor packed breakfast menus we have come across so far in Brisbane!

Approaching the Chelsea Bistro we found it to be a very inviting place!  They have a size-able outdoor area with large tables. Perfect for those who might have family in town and want to enjoy the fresh air.  As we arrived a large group of bikers were leaving having enjoyed a nice cup of coffee outdoors on this lovely Brisbane morning. 

If you want to escape the outdoors...Chelsea Bistro also has a very intimate, & cosy indoor dining area. We loved the plush bench style seats; they were very comfortable as we sunk in and began scouring the menu. The inside reminded me of a little French cafe, equipped with gold and marble embellishments. After talking to the owner we learned that France, was in fact one of his design inspirations. As we looked around and immersed ourselves in the place we felt as though we had literally left Brisbane and were enjoying a lazy morning in a cute cafe in the south of France. If this beautifully designed place was any indication... we knew we were in for an amazing breakfast. 

I'm happy to say Chelsea Bistro did not disappoint. I would go back to this place...again...and again...and again. The owner was so friendly & hospitable! He made sure all of the guests were personally taken care of; making the rounds every so often, even stopping to have a nice chat. 

After much debate we choose the poached eggs, smoked bacon, carrot jam, potato hash, & feta... 

This was an excellent breakfast option for those wanting something light but still very filling. The medley of flavors complimented each other so well. From the smoky flavored bacon...sweet carrot jam, creamy feta... it was a match made in heaven! By the end of the meal I was very happy I chose this. It was something I wouldn't have normally chosen but now it's one of my favorite breakfast dishes. 

We also chose baked eggs, poached salmon, bombay potatoes, kasundi, yoghurt, & coriander.. 

A combination of rich, complimenting flavors...The warm poached salmon was cooked excellently and went well with the fluffy bombay potatoes in their almost curry like sauce. This meal will melt in your mouth! Its a heavier breakfast option, much larger than we expected! Great for those catching a late breakfast. You will fall head over heels for this dish. 

Darrell got his usual tall, skinny cappuccino only this time he had 6! Yeah, the coffee was that good. They even offer a jumbo coffee..which looks more like a bowl than a cup. Coffee lover's paradise...

We finished this pleasurable experience off with a refreshing glass of juice. Yum ! 

Chelsea Bistro also offers lunch & dinner with equally amazing and diverse options. They even have share plates! 

If you are in the mood to spoil yourself this weekend...take it easy & treat yourself to a world class breakfast from The Chelsea Bistro. 

Chelsea Bistro Website 
Chelsea Bistro Facebook 

The Chelsea Bistro on Urbanspoon

*AmeriAus was a guest of The Chelsea Bistro. All opinions expressed are our own. 

The Vue Lounge in New Farm

We are on the hunt for the BEST breakfast spots in Brisbane and Vue Lounge is definitely a contender...

When arriving at the Vue Lounge in New Farm for breakfast it didn't take long for us to realize this was a popular spot! The place was bustling with people! Despite all the activity the service was pretty good. We were immediately greeted as we walked in and shown to a table.

Vue Lounge has a very open setup which was very refreshing. Don't be overwhelmed if you see the place surrounded by a sea of people. Once you get by them there are plenty of tables on the inside.

The ambience is very open, friendly, and vibrant! Perfect place to stop in with a group of friends for a hot breakfast, fresh juice, or a beautiful cup of coffee. After scouring the menu I became intrigued with the "Snap Fitness Breakfast" which featured poached eggs, smoked salmon, avocado, roasted tomato, asparagus, wilted spinach + sourdough.

Don't be fooled by the name of the Snap Fitness Breakfast! Yes, it is a very healthy breakfast option but it's also extremely filling! Looking around the Vue everyone seemed to be enjoying a very size-able breakfast. Great value, for money. The salmon had a beautiful flavor that mingled nicely with the poached eggs & wilted spinach. I will admit I don't eat my greens the way I should but if they tasted as incredible as the Snap Fitness Breakfast from Vue...

Well, I'd be a lot healthier.

After seeking a little advice from the very attentive staff at Vue Darrell went for the pan fried chiziro, ratatouille, halloumi + sourdough (and a tall, skinny cappuccino of course)

This dish is a mountain of juicy warm sausages, fried eggs, and halloumi! A very hearty breakfast. It tasted just as good as it looked.

I said it before and I'll say it again... this place has great value for money. Probably one of the reasons its such a popular spot...

I loved the presentation of the food at Vue. It was so colorful and smelled heavenly we had to practically force ourselves to take pictures instead of devouring it on the spot.

To finish it off we enjoyed a nice refreshing "passion fresh" juice with fresh mint. This is also a favorite among the staff at Vue with some admitting that they have at least two each morning. I would also recommend giving this a shot!

Vue also offers a takeaway breakfast menu! And on Wednesdays from 5:30pm - they offer mouthwateringly good burgers for only $10, takeaway!!! The staff at Vue was kind enough to bring us some macaroons after we finished our breakfast! 

Vue Lounge Website 
Vue Lounge Facebook Page 

Vue Lounge on Urbanspoon

*AmeriAus was a guest of Vue Lounge. All opinions expressed are our own. 

IL Centro Restaurant & Bar: Eagle Street Pier

IL Centro’s reputation precedes itself. I hadn’t been in Brisbane very long before I started hearing excellent things about this restaurant. When you are new to a city people always take the liberty of recommending the best attractions, sites, or restaurants etc for you to visit. This place would always come up as a ‘must eat’ in conversation.  

IL Centro is a fine dining legend here in Brisbane and it only took one bite for me to realize why. IL Centro is located in the Eagle Street Pier, a dining hotspot here in Brisbane. 

Such a beautiful place to visit at night! You are greeted by the golden city lights and IL Centro is lucky enough to have a wonderful view of the Story Bridge which displayed a rainbow of colors on this particular night.

With the holidays approaching you might be in search of a very special place to spoil a loved one... a place that offers a beautiful ambience, incredible hospitality, stunning views, and word class food. IL Centro fits the bill perfectly.

The next couple of words I’m about to say are very read carefully….

You must try the famous Sand Crab Lasagne.

This is IL Centro’s signature dish. Every time I think of it morning, noon, or night I’m instantly famished. Maybe you’re not a big fan of lasagne? Maybe you don’t dig crab? Still try it!

I don’t usually go for lasagne or crab dishes when I’m out dining but this dish was one of the most incredible things I’ve had the pleasure to devour. All the amazing things you ever heard about this dish are true.

One great things about IL Centro is that you can get a large portion of their dishes in main or entree size. If you just want a taste opt for the less expensive entree sized sand crab like we did.

Next, we had oysters kilpatrick. We love our oysters and this kilpatrick was top knotch. I would recommend this as one of the best places to get kilpatrick if it’s a favourite of yours.

For our mains we had the Char grilled certified black angus sirloin (150 days grain fed-300g) w/ roasted bjinte potatoes, confit heirlooms tomatoes, leek and green beans served with a mushroom sauce.

And, Grilled Coral Trout w/ stuffed zucchini flower + lemon butter sauce with a side of duck fat potatoes.

We like our steak medium rare and this was cooked to perfection. The quality of the steak as well as the size make this dish well worth the cost. Very tender & juicy, this steak put a smile on our face.

The beautiful Coral Trout had a nice buttery flavour to it. I had never tried stuffed zucchini flower before and I can now appreciate why it's a favorite among guests. Our waiter told us that sometimes people come in and order the zucchini flowers as a side on their own when they see it on the specials board. The staff at IL Centro are so accommodating they are happy to serve it up when they have a large enough supply.

For reservations call 07 3221 6090 or visit the website

IL Centro Website

Il Centro on Urbanspoon

*AmeriAus was a guest of IL Centro. All opinions expressed are our own. 

Guest post: Samantha from Planet Bake Life

Met a lovely foodie named Samantha via twitter! She will be sharing a DELICIOUS breakfast tart recipe with us today :) Make sure you check out her blog & let us know what you think in the comments below. Without further ado here's Samantha...

Hi there everyone! My name is Samantha and I blog over at PlanetBakeLife. Today I’ve very kindly been asked to do a guest post exchange with Chelsea and I’m super excited because you can find one of her recipes on my blog too. That’s a blogship right there people. So if you don’t know me then in a nutshell, I’m a Saffa that lives in New Zealand via the UK and my one true passion is bread.

But today I’m not going to do bread for you, I’m going to do a breakfast tart that will get all your friends and family drooling down their chins and begging for the recipe. It’s super simple to make and you can use these as well as or instead of eggs, it’s up to you! It’s also super flexible so you can change it up for different occasions and they can be served hot or cold. It’s the holy grail of breakfast really.

The Crust
1 C Flour
¼ C Olive Oil
¼ C Water
Pinch of salt

1// Pop your salt, flour, water and oil in a bowl and mix together with a spoon. When it starts to clump together, turn onto a floured surface and very lightly knead together into a ball for a minute.
2// Roll out the dough. You want it to be very thin, the thinner the better! If you can see the surface through the dough then that’s amazing. If you want it a little thicker then that’s ok too.
3// Use a side plate or a cookie cutter to cut out circles. You will need to choose something that is a good size for the tin you’re going to use. I used a standard size 12 hole cupcake tin but you can use Texas muffin tins as well.
4// Place the pastry inside the holes of the tin, poke lightly with a fork a couple of times and pop into a preheated oven of 200 degrees C for 5 minutes.

The Filling
8 Rashers of Bacon
Half an onion
½ C of cheese
1 C Roasted Pepper strips
Salt and Pepper

1// Chop the bacon, onion and peppers into small pieces. Add salt and pepper and the cheese and mix together. 

*Note: I use tinned peppers that come stripped in olive oil which helps to bind the mixture. The cheese I use is a pre-grated Mozzerella and Cheddar mix but you can choose any cheese that you really love.

2// Pop the mixture into the blind baked shells and then back into the oven for 15 minutes.
3// At this point you can either serve the tarts with eggs on the side or you can crack an egg onto the top of the tarts and return to the oven for 10 minutes or longer depending on how you like your egg cooked.

That’s it! It’s a really simple recipe and you can serve these with a dollop of sour cream, a spicy tomato relish or a cucumber and chive dip.

I hope you like these and pop over to have a look at Chelsea’s recipe on my blog too!


If you enjoy Samantha's beautiful recipes like I do check her out at Planet Bake Life
You can also find her on Twitter , Facebook, Bloglovin', and Pinterest

If you would like to guest post on AmeriAus send us an email

Sing Sing Chinese & Vietnamese Restaurant

Let me just start this post off by saying we absolutely ADORE Vietnamese food. I am a newbie when it comes to good Vietnamese food...being from a small town in Mississippi where the only types of cuisines on offer were Mexican or American...literally... I was introduced to Vietnamese food last year not long after I arrived in Australia.

What’s not to love about good Vietnamese cooking? Incredibly fresh ingredients… mouthwatering, and beautifully complementing flavours…colorful presentations… Sing Sing Chinese & Vietnamese Restaurant in West End has all of this down to an art -but the added bonus is that the owners have an incredible passion for what they do. This passion resonates powerfully in the food.

The hospitality of the staff at Sing Sing is unparalleled. Sing Sing is a family owned & operated restaurant. The staff consists of family members who alternate shifts each night. So you know they are personally invested in the’s their family’s business and they genuinely care for their customers. So it goes without saying that the hospitality at Sing Sing is outstanding… the friendly staff made us feel like royalty on our visit. The ambience of the restaurant was very comfortable and calming. We felt right at home.

Did I mention Sing Sing serves both Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine? Vietnam was for a long time occupied by the Chinese so the influence it has had on Vietnamese cooking is very significant. The chef’s daughter explained that the Chinese cooking at Sing Sing was a Vietnamese take on Chinese dishes and would be like nothing we had experienced before.The staff was more than happy to help us in choosing dishes from their large, and diverse menu. For our entrees we had the Crispy Spiced Quail, and the Prawn and Meat Rice Paper Rolls. Our mains were the combination bird’s nest (perfect for sharing) and the Vietnamese Shaking Beef!

The Quail was perfectly crisp and seasoned to perfection. Believe it or not we had never had quail before! Sing Sing provided an appetizing introduction to what I think will be an ongoing love affair…

All I have to say about the Prawn & Meat Rice Paper Rolls is fresh, fresh, fresh and fresh! My mouth is watering just thinking about these yummy rice paper rolls and that beautiful nutty dipping sauce. Everything you could possibly desire in a rice paper roll!

The bird’s nest was a not so little slice of heaven. Excellent value for money! Guess what? This is the ONLY place in Brisbane where you will find a bird’s nest made of potato! Yes, that’s right, potato! It added a terrific crunch to this beautiful nest overflowing with juicy, tender meat. Lastly, we devoured the Vietnamese Shaking Beef. I don’t order beef often but surprisingly this was my favorite. All I can say is that Sing Sing truly knows what they are doing in the kitchen. This beef was so juicy and packed full of flavour. The tomatoes, pickled carrot and veggies mingled together to create an explosion of astoundingly good flavours in your mouth. You know something is amazing when you are incredibly full but just can’t bare the thought of leaving the plate half eaten.

The staff didn’t let us down with their recommendations and we walked away firmly believing that we had just partaken in some of the best Vietnamese and Chinese food West End had to offer. Now if the unbelievably delicious food, superb hospitality & relaxing atmosphere wasn’t enough to convince you that Sing Sing is the place for you. I’m happy to report they also have karaoke!!!

If meat is not your thing don’t worry Sing Sing also offers a wonderful vegetarian menu. Having a get together with friends, family, or work colleagues? Sing Sing has you covered with delectable banquet menus.

The only negative is that we didn’t have room for dessert :( Oh well, maybe next time….because there will most definitely be a next time!

FYI Sing Sing will be commencing monthly cooking classes very soon! How great is that? Learn from the best! You might run into us as well ;) Here's a little about the class:

Class Menu: 

☆ Prawn & Meat Rice Paper Rolls 
☆ Papaya Salad with King Prawns 
☆ Chilli Chicken with Chilli & Lemongrass Stir Fry
☆ Morning Glory with Garlic 

(All dishes are gluten-free and can be made vegetarian upon request) 

When: Saturday 7th December 2013 - 9:30am
Price: $79 per person

Afterwards, you will dine on your creations over lunch with your choice of beverages. 

Find more info on the Vietnamese cooking class, here.

Sing Sing Website

Sing Sing Official FB Page

Sing Sing Chinese & Vietnamese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

*AmeriAus was a guest of SingSing. All opinions expressed are our own

Chicken Pakora and other nibbles...

Yeah, yeah I know that I have shared this recipe before. But it's soooooo good I had to share again. This week has been chock full of storms here in Brisbane and its forecasted to continue into the weekend. 

We love stormy weather! Last night was predicted to be a big one so I decided we would have a little storm party with some of our favorite nibbles. First thing that came to mind....CHICKEN PAKORA. 

Its very simple & so good. All you have to do is make the marinade, let it sit in the fridge for a while, fry them up and serve. We had grilled shrimp, rice and roasted potatoes as well. 

I recommend serving the pakora with a tomato based sauce. Check out the recipe for it here. 

On a serious note, we have personally witnessed some of the destruction caused by the storms this week... 

While taking family home through the Greenbank area we saw a house with a tree through it & another with the roof completely off. Our thoughts & prayers are with those whose homes have been damaged...hoping it doesn't get this intense again. 

Also our thoughts & prayers are with those in the Philippines... what the poor people are going through there is unimaginable

Good Food & Wine Show

If you didn’t get to the Good Food & Wine Show over the weekend you missed out on a good time. This was the absolute perfect event to attend with a group of your closest friends. 

It was seriously the closest thing to foodie heaven I have ever seen. So many speciality items to sample and don’t even get me started on the wine! Oh, and all the cheeses... We hated that we had occupied so much room in our tummies prior to coming after we feasted our eyes on ....well the feast that was the Good Food & Wine Show. 

If you have never been on a wine tasting trip this was THE place to be. All the major wine regions of Australia were represented at this year’s Good Food & Wine Show- with entire sections of the massive hall at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre devoted to each wine region. We got to catch up with many of the wineries we frequented last year when we lived in Melbourne. I also was introduced to the Barossa Valley in South Australia. A few drinks later we became good friends. 

My tip for attending this show is to have a me you will need one... 

Come with an empty stomach and an open mind and indulge yourself in some of the yummy delights this beautiful country has to offer! 

Not to mention the CRAZY deals you can get at the Good Food & Wine Show. You can snag delectable food and wines for way cheaper than you would normally. I found everything to be very inexpensive at the show which made it even more appealing. General admission tickets to the show were $25. For only $3 bucks you can score a wine tasting glass and sample as much wine, beer, and spirits as you like!  It even has the show’s logo on it which makes for a nice keepsake. 

In conclusion, the next time it swings into your town...GO! 

To learn more about the Good Food & Wine Show, and to find out when it will be in your area follow the links below: 

*AmeriAus was provided complimentary tickets to this event. All opinions expressed are our own. 

Cafe Checocho in West End

Cafe Checocho embodies what a great breakfast spot should be. You feel right at home in this comfy, laid back little cafe. The walls are lined with books and very interesting artwork by local artists to spark the imagination. Fresh air fills the restaurant mingling with the scent of freshly cooked bacon and sausages. As you sink into your seat you will be instantly transported back to your mother’s kitchen...back to the days where all you had to do was sit on your bum and wait for a hot breakfast to be placed in front of you.

If you were looking for the perfect breakie spot to grab a bite with your buddies before a day of hitting the markets, the search is over!

Cafe Checocho’s name is a combination of chess, coffee, and chocolate in case you were wondering. Three wonderful things you can always find at this West End cafe. You are sure to come across the owner, Jeff Watson, serving up a delicious cup of coffee on your visit. He’s great so make sure to say hi!

The food was hot & fresh. We devoured the Big Breaky with free range poached eggs, mushrooms, chipolatas, tomato relish, homemade hash, and turkish bread AND the smoked salmon w/ free ranged poached eggs, grilled tomato, rocket, dill aioli, and sourdough bread! Amazingly good! The salmon is a nice lighter option and they even cater to vegans. The vegan breakfast includes - truffled mushrooms, grilled tomato, avocado, wilted spinach, beetroot relish, & sourdough bread.

Checocho is the spot for everyday people. We went on a sunny Saturday morning and we came across a lovely lady enjoying an ice coffee outside with her puppy dog. Inside the restaurant were a couple of fellas reading a newspaper, enjoying some small talk, a coffee, and a yummy breakfast. It is definitely our kind of place! We know you will enjoy it so much you’ll want a piece of it! So grab one of the $2 dollar books off the shelf to serve as a reminder of one of the best breakfast cafes in West End!

Checocho on Urbanspoon

*AmeriAus was a guest of Cafe Checocho. All opinions expressed are our own.