Winery date

My partner and I tore Melbourne apart finding every piece of entertainment it had to offer and seizing it. We were there for 3 +months on an extended vacation and everyday we had something different planned. We relied heavily on a site called weekendnotes for things to due on the cheaper side. Not soon after arriving their we noticed that the Melbourne area had a lot to offer as far as winery. So we decided to make a date of it.

We loaded up the car, plugged in the ipod and drove around the beautiful country side looking for wineries. It wasn't very difficult to find them. We even met a nice lady who provided us with a map of all the wineries in the area. The wineries seemed to be lined up, one after the other. We intended to hit up as many as we could. My partner was grumpy because he had to drive so it would prevent him from soaking up all the wineries had to offer ;) Nevertheless it was a beautiful day with delicious wine and cheeses.

If you are looking for a nice quiet day out with your partner or a group of friends I suggest hitting up the local wineries. The beautiful scenery of grape vines stretching across green hills is the perfect atmosphere to soak in as you enjoy a nice red wine. It can be quite a romantic day out.