2 year anniversary!

Today is our anniversary. We have officially been together for two years. One thing I really love about my relationship with my partner is that we act as if we've only been together a few weeks. I hear people talk about after the first 6 months that lovey dovey feeling wears off. That hasn't been the case with us. We are still just as goofy and over the top dramatically in love with each other as we were when we started dating. I really think it takes a couple of years to truly get to know and understand someone. I mean even over the past couple of months I've learned so much about my partner and him about me. We thought we knew everything about each other...and there were somethings that took a year for us to feel comfortable sharing with one another. When someone has 20+ years of experiences and memories it can take a long while before you truly know everything about them. I don't know if it's even possible to know EVERYTHING. This year I think we are getting closer though. I'm really excited about our anniversary today. :)

For our anniversary this year we are going to spend some quality time in the kitchen together. We love cooking. Sometimes we like to hit up the library for recipe books and sit there scanning through them to find a select few that we will actually check out and use. We have purchased a few cookbooks in the last few months and today for our anniversary we will prepare a big seafood dinner. My partner is in charge of cooking the salmon. I am in charge of the appetizer and side dish. I've been trying to find the perfect side item that will compliment the salmon. I have a few ideas nothing concrete. For the appetizer I'm thinking BBQ bacon wrapped scallop skewers. That's all I got so far. My partner is in a meeting at the moment and I should be working on a grocery list but instead I am blogging away.

When we complete our anniversary dinner I will be sure to post a recipe post on it.

Hopefully I will receive a new charm for my bracelet as well....