Chicken Fried Rice and Wonton Night

I've decided to give chicken fried rice and wontons a go! These are two favorites of my partner and I when we go out to chinese restaurants. We ALWAYS order it but we have never tried to cook it. I'm going to try to today. I want it to taste authentic and make him think that I ordered take out ( That's when you know you did good..) We will see how this goes.

I have searched all other the net for different recipes to see what key ingredients are needed for the rice. The wonton recipes I found seem to be simple enough I'm not as worried about them ( with my luck they will be the ones I bugger up) ... So I'm going to head off to the grocery store soon and get the ingredients and begin cook so that it's ready before he gets home.

I feel so domestic lately. My life has changed so much. Last year I was sitting in my dorm in Mississippi eating fast food at the start of sophomore year now I'm at my apartment  in Australia planning dinner for my fiance.

Stuff happens...

Thats the link to the main recipe that has inspired me for dinner tonight!

If anyone has tried this dish and has any helpful tips/advice it would be much appreciated :)