Gumtree Garb #4: Little black skirt

Here's an outfit that simple but with the right pair of heels and accessories can be one hot number. Everyone should have a nice black skirt. Whether it be for work or play a black skirt is essential to any wardrobe. I've paired it with this lovely top which has a vintage flair about it. I couldn't decided on the shoes but I guess it really depends on the look you're going for. The red heels would make a statement but the black look sleek and sophisticated. Also found a heap of accessories for really cheap on gumtree that you could pair with this outfit. Depending on what shoes you take this outfit could only run you close to 40 bucks!

H&M recommendation: Very sleek, smooth loose curls and a red lip is a must.

Top: 20.00
Black Skirt: 2.00
Heels (black): 15.90 negotiable
Heels (red): 15.00
Accessories: 5 for the lot!

These items are currently on sale via Gumtree right now!



Black heels:

Red heels: