Gumtree Garb: Outfit for less #3

This is one I wish I had on this warm day today!

All together this outfit totals around $80 but if you haggle you can do much better than that. Always remember you can start lower than you actually can afford to pay. Depend on how long the items been listed sometimes the seller will take anything for it! This outfit would be perfect for a night out with your mates. My favorite items are really a toss up with this one. I'm debating between the shoes and the shirt.....

Bag: 10
Shoes: 20 Negotiable ( You could walk away with these for only 10 or 15!)
Shorts: 20 ( I'd offer 15)
Top: 20 ( I'd offer 10)
Entire ring collection: 10 ! ( This is a pretty good deal!)

Hair and makeup recommendation:

A lose high pony, with some soft curls. Very soft makeup, but spice it up with red lips!

You can find these items on gumtree right now!