Gumtree Garb: Outfits for less #2

My partner is away at work so instead of starting that paper I'm checking out the Clothing&Jewelry section on Gumtree. This is another outfit I've put together. All these items are currently on sale at Gumtree right now. Without negotiation this would run you around $80 but everything in gumtree is NEGOTIABLE :) I think 30 is a bit much for the dress I would offer 15. The jacket again I would ask 10 for. I would even offer 3 for the leather wristband. That would make the total around 51 which isn't bad for a complete outfit!

For hair and makeup I would go for a messy wavy hairstyle and neutral makeup. If you wanted to mix it up a little you could add a hit of turquoise on your eyelid.

Dress: $30
Leather wristband: $5
Turquoise wristband: $3
Boots: $10
Jacket: $20 negotiable
Purse: 10

Links to the items listed below:

Leather wristband:

Turquoise wristband: