How to navigate in the world of Gumtree: My top 3 tips

After spending a year on vacation my partner and I's saving account was on it's death bed. It was time to stop blowing our money away at museums, festivals, and concerts and create a budget. So we did. He mapped out a budget on our computer taking out our necessary expenses ( such as an apartment something we are still getting use to after a year of traveling and hotel hopping) and see what "free money" we had left at the end of each week. Needless to say with no income at that moment in time it wasn't much. But we needed a few things for our apartment like a bed, fridge, microwave.... you know good stuff like that but buying all that at retail price would be the final blow for our savings. Then we came across our new friend and we've been together ever since.

If you know how to navigate gumtree ( something we had no clue how to do in the beginning) you can get some amazing deals. You can't be lazy and impatient sometimes you may not find a great deal on a particular day so you have to keep checking for a week. It's easy to grab a bargain on gumtree if you remember these tips.  My top tips for navigating the world of Gumtree are these:

Tip One: The free section is a gift from God. ( Literally.... if you are a young couple like us and just getting together your first apartment -- or even dorm-- you will love the free section on gumtree. On any given day you can find practically anything on this section. Yes there is some garbage on their but their is also some really nice things in excellent condition people just don't need or have space for anymore. You can find beds, sofas, fridges, toasters, kitchen supplies, printers, and a host of other things on the free section. If you aren't to fussy and are in need of some of these basic things hit up the free section on Gumtree! You have to be quick with the good stuff though their are people ( like me and partner...) who stalk it everyday lol

Tip Two: Use the settings. This just means if you know you only have 30 dollars to spend then use the settings on the side of your page and set your price range. Once you have your price range set then search the thing you want. Don't torture yourself looking through pages and pages of things you can't afford.

Last Tip: Be patient. If someone got to it before you did today their will another one just like it tomorrow ( or even in the next hour). So many people use gumtree to sell their secondhand items. The site is constantly replenished. You will find what you are looking for.