Lunch ideas for the Hubby on the go!

Lately, I've been doing a lot of searching through recipes and food blogs trying to find some easy lunch ideas for my Hubbs. He has to commute about an hour and 30 minutes ( give or take) to work each day so his lunch needs to survive not being refrigerated that long. The other catch is that his work place, for safety reasons, doesn't allow any hot/warm food. That means no microwaves or anything to reheat things once he gets there.

This had presented a challenge because all the ideas I had come up with before he started work again were reheats! So now I have basically no idea what I will make him from lunch day to day. So I've been winging it. The first to days I just got salmon in a can and divided it into two separate containers on the first day he took one container, an egg salad, crackers, chocolate, and little munchies snacks. The second day he took basically the same thing just a salad with no egg ( He tried to boil it on his own and it didn't work out...)

So while I was at home yesterday I found another good idea that I thought would last the journey and still taste pretty good when he got to work. That idea was a chicken/bacon/ranch sandwich- much like the one you can get at subway - however, if I do say so myself, mine looked much more gourmet :)

I wrapped it up like a burger in some foil. Prepared him another salad with egg and this time bacon bits ( from the leftover bacon I had from the sandwich) And also I steamed some broccoli  which he covered in ranch and took along as well.

Oh! He also took another container of salmon as well lol So today he has a big lunch and will be pretty satisfied I think when he sits down to eat. I will post an update and let you know how the food went.

Today for my lunch Ill be having sort of the same. Chicken in a roll and maybe a little salad as well.

Does anyone else have any easy lunch ideas I could make my partner for work?? Let me know! :)