Nasty gal: Classy in Black and White

One of my favorite online shopping sites to wander through and wish somehow that I could afford to purchase something from is Nasty Gal. You can find some really unique eye catching pieces on that site. Some amazing shoes too!!

I think adding a little black and white to your closet is essential. Black and white combos are a staple in evening time wear. You will be noticed in the sea of color around you when you step out in a classic black and white number. Make sure it's stark white (not off white) and jet black (not blue-black..). Gotta love that contrast!

I think Nasty Gals is a fan of black and white number because the number of outfits, shoes, and accessories you can find in these colors are limitless. If you don't have any black and white in your wardrobe head over to nasty gal and check it out. Here are a few mashup's I made on nasty gal...

Classy in Black and White

Red lips also go nicely to add a splash of colors to black and white numbers. How would you add a little color? What hints do you have?

And for those reading how do you like to rock black and white?

Let me know what you think, would love to hear from you! :)

I really do appreciate a nice black and white outfit... Now I'm off to find more fashion blogs to follow!

- C.