Playing Housewife

Today was my love's first day of work at his new job. He was a bit weird going back after our extended vacation but it was time. We've spend 24/7 with one another for the past year and its been crazy at time but we are really closer then I could have ever imagined because of it. We you spend that much time with someone you get to know every little micro detail about them and if it you aren't entirely repulsed and put off then you are probably in love.

We will begin planning our wedding soon and I don't even know where to start with I haven't begun.

Today I have to watch " Thank you for smoking" and write a paper on it for a final assignment in my persuasion class. Not looking forward to having to take notes while I watch a comedy but it must be done. We rented it from Block buster the other day so instead of wasting 3 dollars on just the one movie we did the 7 for 9.95 deal and got a couple horror flicks and a drama. Last night we watched Nightmare on Elm Street and surprisingly I managed to sleep like a baby that night.

After I finish that paper I will begin on my interview transcript. Last week I conducted two interviews with PR professionals for another uni assignment. The major thing I took from it was that I prefer marketing over P.R. so thats good. I'm finally starting to get a bit of direction. While doing our usual rounds on gumtree we came across a beautiful chess set. We both enjoy playing chess occasionally but even more than that we appreciate a finely crafted chess set. So we picked it up and we love it! It even goes with our tribal-ish themed apartment. It cost: $20

My partner better appreciate how much I love him this morning I got up at 5am to make breakfast, coffee ( and a to go cup), and make sure his lunch was in order for today. I felt like a mother preparing for her kids first day of school....