Salmon Mousse obsession

We've been searching for different quick, inexpensive snack recipes to try and the other day I came up with the idea to try Salmon Mousse.

On valentines my partner treated me to a paddle and dine. This consisted up of kayak stroll up the brisbane river at night followed by a delicious tapas dinner by candlelight on the dock. One of the things we stuffed our faces with and really enjoyed was the salmon mousse. So I decided to try it and it is really simple and quick to do. With the right tools you can even fancy it up a bit!

Salmon Mousse

1. One can of Pink Salmon (or fresh cooked salmon if preferred) 
2. A 8oz pack of softened cream cheese 
3. 2 tablespoons of Chicken Stock 
4. 1 teaspoon of lemon juice
5. 2 tablespoons of Sour cream 

Place the cream cheese in a bowl and work around with a spoon until smooth. Drain salmon (if cooked chop into cubes) and place in a bowl with the cream cheese. Add the chicken stock and the remainder of the ingredients and mix briefly. Scoop bowl into a food processor and pulse until ingredients are ground to a smooth paste. If you are like me and used a hand blender simply press the hand blender to the bottom of the bowl working around in pulses until you have a smooth creamy mixture. 

You can serve this on crackers, cumbers, or bread if desired. My personal favorite is cucumbers. Salmon and cucumber go heavenly together and it gives it a fresh taste.