Scotch fillets, herb butter, and golden mashed potatoes

The other night we had a friend over and we decided to make a nice steak dinner. A few days ago I had made up some herb butter so we were ready to try it out! I'll list the recipes below!

Herb Butter

1. 1 cup Softened (not melted) butter
2. Herbs ( I prefer basil, parsley, and chives) 

Put your butter into a bowl. Mix in preferred herbs. Scoop mixture onto a flat piece of cling wrap. Roll the wrap into a cylinder and close each ends. Refrigerate for up to an hour and cut into dime like pieces.  

Golden Potato Mash 

1. 6 small red potatoes ( skinned) 
2. 1/8 of a Small Butternut pumpkin
3. 1/2 cup of Butter
3. 1/2 Milk 
4. Chives (as desired)

After they have been skinned cut your potatoes and pumpkins in small pieces ( this will make it easier to mash). Boil until softened. Drain water and place in a large bowl. Mash the potatoes, adding butter and milk until the mixture is smooth and creamy. Add chives if desired. Serve. 

Thats pretty much it! We like our steak medium rare but how you cook it is entirely up to you. We added a little mushroom sauce as well with a dime of herb butter on top. Really simple, nice dinner. Oh and we like to salt our steaks an hour before we cook them as well. This improves the tenderness.