Steak and potatoes: dinner

Last night my partner and I had steak and potatoes for dinner it was a nice dinner. We had cooked some pumpkin and broccoli as well but while the potatoes were cooking we smashed them lol

Heres what we did!

First wrap your potatoes in foil and place in oven (if you use a frying pan keep the lid on) cooking time will usually be 45 min to an hour give or take. Next take out your steak while the potatoes are cooking. Spread rock salt evenly over you steak and allow to sit until room temperature or until potatoes are softened and moisture on the steaks starts to rise. Salting your steaks before cooking them helps improve the tenderness.

When your potatoes are soft (you can test this by slipping a knife down the middle) peel back the foil and slice them in half (just the potato don't cut the foil) place a slice of cheese in the center of eachpotato and close and reward to allow cheese to melt. Wash the rock salt off and season your steak as desired and cook to your liking. In a previous post I made herb butter that would also go nicely with this meal! Check it out!

I sautéed some mushroom and onion as well to go in top. :).

Tonight I'm trying to think of ideas with mince? Any suggestions.