The foodies start a herb garden.

Recently my partner and I have decided to take up gardening. We live in a two story town house with a very small backyard but we figured that perhaps it was enough room to start a herb garden. Armed with a few tips, seeds, and our herb bible yesterday we set off preparing the gardening and planting seeds. To start with we choose: Coriander, basil, chives, and parsley. When we questioned the nice old lady at Bunnings as to whether or not these were good choices she said that they were easy enough to grow excluding coriander which can be a bit of a stubborn one. Here's some photos of what we are working with...


Not the best situation to work with but we are going to give it a go! First we are trying in soil if that doesn't work we will switch to pots. Has anyone got a herb garden going and got any tips for someone with limited space and gardening knowledge lol ? 

We are thinking of adding some more herbs. Any recommendations of easy herbs to grow? We could use the help.