Chili Cheese dogs! #recipe #food #meals

Rainy days here in Brisbane lately. Winter starting to approach and that walk to the bus stop for my partner who works in the dead center of the city is becoming even more miserable! I decided to cheer him up last night by fixing something I knew he would enjoy. He loves sausages and what is the most amazingly, delicious dish ever created with a sausage? 

D&C’s easy Chili Cheese Dog 

  1. Ground beef
  2. Refried Beans
  3. Salt&Pepper
  4. Paprika
  5. Chili flakes
  6. Onion diced 
  7. Bacon diced 
  8. Tomato Sauce 
  9. Pork sausages
  10. Hotdog buns
  11. Shredded cheddar cheese 
  12. Potato Salad to serve as a side 

First take out your sausages. Place them on a hot dog rack and spray them/coat them in a thin layer of oil/butter. Let them cook while you prepare your mince turning them every so often to allow sides to cook nicely until the sausage is plump and juicy. Cook your bacon bits until golden brown and add onion. Cook until it begins to turn clear. Remove bacon and onion from skillet and set aside. Break up your mince over the skillet and cook until it begins to brown. Add your bacon and onion mixture to the mince and combine. 

Next, add tomato sauce to the mince mixture stirring while you do so. I added about a quarter of a cup to mine but once you add the refried beans and taste test it you can add more to your liking. Which brings us to the next step, refried beans! I used a can of El Paso refried beans. Season with specified seasonings to your liking. Stir until it is well combined and allow to sit stirring occasionally for 5-10 minutes. Your sausages should be done by now so remove them and place them in their buns on a microwave safe plate. Then take your chili and spoon it into the sides of the buns. Put a nice amount of shredded cheddar cheese and place in the microwave for 30secs(or until cheese melts) Sprinkle a little onion on top and serve with cool potato salad. Enjoy! 

I even made my partner a serving for his lunch the next day at work! As you can see pictured above!

Very simple and delicious recipe. If you enjoyed please comment and let me know you think! Check out my “Recipe Collection” and follow/like me on my new  Twitter, and Facebook. Thanks for reading!