Mt. Coot-tha & Waterside Thai Cafe & Noodle Bar

We had a beautiful day out on the bike (despite all the rain) in Brisbane! We decided to head up to Mt. Cootha somewhere I had yet to visit since coming to Brisbane in late December last year :) Mt. Cootha is definitely one of the loveliest spots in Brisbane and if you are fortunate enough to visit this part of Queensland the natural beauty of Mt. Cootha is definitely something you should soak in. Mt. Cootha is home to the brisbane Planeterium and the new botanical gardens. Unfortunately on this trip, due to the weather, we weren’t able to wander around the botanical gardens but we will be back!!

We loved it ! Hopping on a motorbike and journeying up this mountain is really a nice trip. Once we reached the top we headed for the planeterium and soon found that going to the planterium was a popular mother’s day event! Who knew...

So after discussing the shows with some of the staff, who were very friendly, we decided on “ Cosmic Collisions” narrated by Robert Redford. It was between that one and “Dynamic Earth” narrated by Liam Nesson. I know what you are thinking, LIAM! how could you pass that up. We were assured the music was better and the show was more entertaining beforehand! It was very good. I love the dome theaters. The planets looked massive and the film was overall well produced. The musical scores were pretty good too! My favorite part was when they would show they planets because like I said they were so MASSIVE it was as if you were sitting underneath them, which can feel a bit intimidating given how large they are. 

After the show we went over the Mt.Cootha lookout which I believe to be the best lookout in Brisbane! You get a full shot of the city and the surrounding suburbs. On this particularly rainy day they clouds created an amazing backdrop against the city. 

I hear the Summit restaurant is a must when visiting Mt.Cootha but it was a little fancier than we wanted for today so we hoped on the bike and headed down to my partner’s favorite noodle bar which he was dying to show me. He hadn’t been in 15 years but when we walked in the chef/owner immediately recognized him and greeted him with warm smiles and small talk. The noodle bar I’m talking about is called “ Waterside Thai Cafe & Noodle Bar”. From the warm host/chef/owner to the AMAZINGLY delicious food I understood why this was one of my partner’s favorite restaurants in Brisbane. If you are looking for one of those hidden gems that serve 5 star quality food for reasonable prices this is the place to go. Happy, helpful staff, quick service, fresh&delicious food! I love the restaurants where you can watch them cook it right in front of you using all that fresh seafood and vegetables he whipped us up something that wasn’t on the menu, while we snacked on some prawn chips.

We asked him what he recommended and he said one of his favorite dishes to cook was noodle & rice seafood combinatons. My partner always says the food in any place is sure to be good if the chef enjoys making it. Let me tell you I'd go back for this dish again...and again...and again....

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