Monday= Carrot Cake :)

Headed to the grocery store in a few hours. I've decided on trying my hand at baking a carrot cake! I know its one of my partner's favorite deserts and I think he would enjoy a piece of carrot cake in his lunch pack. Today he took some chicken fried rice, chocolate covered cookies, and a prosciutto and sun dried tomato salad! I got a message that he was enjoying it :)

This weekend we had a little picnic in the park and enjoyed some hand rolled crumbed chicken and avocado sushi. It was delicious. Sushi is one of my FAVORITE dishes. I'm not the best at rolling it but I still try. Making it is way cheaper than buying it and you can customize the sushi with whatever you want.

Like I said tonight I'm going to make a nice carrot cake. And maybe have a few different types of sushi for dinner :)

Here are a few photos of my partner's lunch!