Tamborine & The Polish Place

We had an amazing weekend on Mt. Tamborine in Queensland, Australia! It was my first trip down there but it wont be my last! There is so much to see that it really takes a couple days to get your fill...luckily we only live 30-45 minutes away! There's definitely a couple places I would like to revisit and new ones I'll be sure to check out next time. We took the bike down and soon learned that that was a popular thing to do on Tamborine. Tons of bikers all around. But its no secret that bikers love the mountain roads. When we got there we headed over to the information center to get the low down on the must see’s! We headed to Hang glider’s point for our first stop and just in time as there were two hang gliders preparing for their jump. I had never seen a hang glider run off the edge of a cliff and into the air before so it was a breathtaking sight! 

Its a scary though....I don’t think its something I’ll be trying anytime soon. It takes a special person to get in the mind frame to run off a cliff....

After that it was lunch time so we looked a few places before deciding on “ The Polish Place”. It is BEAUTIFUL inside and out. If you are up this way I definitely recommend eating there. The food was delicious. I loved the polish decor & all the lovely floral prints the waitresses were adorned in. The rustic cabin style building with a lovely wood deck that looks out over the mountain. A PERFECT clear view of the foothills and mountain peaks. It definitely has the best location and ambience of the restaurants we saw in Tamborine. The waitresses dress in traditional polish style clothing with puffy sleeves..... shimmery tops...and flowers. It was cold this time of year so we sat inside. Its actually very romantic inside with the soft lighting and homestyle decor. I loved the china! We got the Pork Hock and Salmon :) The salmon was a fresh, light lunch that is sure to keep you going as you explore Mt. Tamborine! The Pork Hock is a more traditional Polish meal that you MUST get if you go here. I would go back for this meal without question. It was so tender it was falling off the bone. The flavors were sensational.  I fell in love with Pork Hock on this day. 



After we at there we checked out a few more look outs before heading to Cameron falls. This is one of the best waterfalls in the area. We asked the locals and we weren’t disappointed. You walk through the lovely rainforest to get to the falls. Surrounded by tall, looming trees, streams, and a canopy overhead. Its a beautiful shaded walk. Even this time of year it wasn’t very cold once you got under the canopy which helped to block the chilly winds! We even got a bit adventurous a wandered from the beaten trail and climbed to the top of the waterfall. We sat on the rocks at the edge of the cliff and watched the water stream off it. Its also a really nice view from up there. If you are a bit paranoid or fearful of heights it might not be the best view for you. But if you walk further there is a nice safe lookout which give you a view of the waterfall. Its not as nice as sitting on top of it though :) 

I asked my partner could the rocks we were sitting on move and send us falling off the edge of the fall....and unfortunately he wouldn’t lie to me.... :/ 

It would be a beautiful spot for a picnic :) Maybe next time.. 

We finished our trip with a visit to the cheese factory. The play music there 24/7 and there were a few drunk older women enjoying the tunes during the day lol You can eat there at the bistro, get a tour of the cheese factory and grab a plate of sample cheese for $20 then head over to the brewery and get a beer sample platter for $12! We had fun at Tambourine and will definitely make our way back up there. I recommend the trip! 

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