Updates, fondue, Chicken Avocado Recipe! :) #food #recipe #meals #cooking #chicken

I haven't posted in a while and I have a few recipes I need to update my little collection with! We are in a transitioning period right now so we've been a bit busy. We are coming to the end of our lease, in the process of finding a new car, and choosing the best pet for our family.

This weekend I made a really nice fondue dinner for my partner. He had been really sick this week and luckily he got to spend more time at home with me than at work. I made him a nice vegetable soup one night and then on the last night of the week I thought he would appreciate a big fondue dinner since he loves fondue :)

But enough of that this post is about the Chicken Avo recipe and here it is! 

Chicken Avocado on toasted bread 

1. Chicken breast
2. Cooked Bacon 
3. Mixed salad 
4. Avocado mashed and seasoned with pepper 
5. Tomato 
6. Onion
7. Egg
8. Breadcrumbs 
9. Salt and Pepper

First cook your chicken. Crack an egg in a bowl and lightly coat the chicken breast in the egg. Then in another bowl place your breadcrumbs. Dip the moist chicken in the breadcrumbs tossing it until it is nicely coated. In a frying pan with a half cup of oil fry your chicken until it is golden brown and cooked all the way through. While that is cooking lightly sauté some onion and tomato. Place your bread ( I used a big sourdough roll and cut it into quarters) white side down onto a greased baking tray. Allow to toast. Once all parts are finished. Take your bread and place it white side up on your plate. Top with lettuce, chicken, avo paste, bacon, tomato, and onion. Season with S&P and serve!