Mount Barney, Flavours Cafe, and the perfect milkshake #review #travel #australia

A few weekends ago we decided to take a spontaneous trip to Mt. Barney. Since we purchased the new car the weekends have been reserved for spontaneous trips- just giving ourselves an excuse to enjoy the new car smell...

We managed to rack up over 3000km in 1 to 2 months :O

It was worth it though we've had so much fun exploring. Mount Barney was a beautiful trip. We took the lovely scenic road through the beautiful farmlands and mountains. I love it out there you feel so close to nature because you are literally driving through farms, haha. I mean literally we had to stop a few times to allow cows to cross the road (they aren't the fastest animals in the world either -.-) One charming house even had the ingenuity to turn their busted microwave into a letterbox :/

Mount Barney is so beautiful and rugged. My partner was telling me he use to camp out there. There is a lot more restrictions around where you can camp than it was say.. ten years ago, but still a really nice trip. Sadly (due to eating habits of our own) we were in no way close to the physical shape you need to be in to climb this mountain, haha. So we passed on that. Very nice leisurely drive though, so I recommend the trip even if you don't plan on getting the hiking boots out. It was such a sunny, nice day we decided to stop at a cafe for a bit of lunch and a nice milkshake.

I'm very picky when it comes to milkshakes. I'm a bit of a milkshake critic so believe me when I say this.... FLAVOURS CAFE HAS THE BEST MILKSHAKES! I've tried a few milkshakes since Ive been in Australia from a host of different places and none have came up to par until now.

A perfect milk shake is not too runny, but also not compacted so much that you can't suck it through a straw. It needs that perfect balance and then a strong non-artificial tasting flavour. The strawberry milkshake at Flavours Cafe does it for me!

The food was okay too. Snacky-little-thickly battered bites of food are what the lunch menu consisted of. If you just want a little snack to tide you over while you explore this is a good pitstop. Very cutely themed inside, a real country place. If nothing else please go for the milkshakes!!! My partner assures me they make a mean coffee as well. I'm not a coffee person so I'll take his word for it :)

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