Fresh food market & lunch date at The Morrison Hotel

Is it wrong that I hadn't managed to get around to the Brisbane fresh food market until last weekend?

Well I finally did get to check it out and me and my partner had a lot of fun! I love the country-small town-relaxed vibes that farmer's markets exude. It reminds me a bit of being back in Tupelo (where I'm originally from)- not that Brisbane is anything remotely close to a small town. When you go out to these more remote areas where farmer's markets are usually located it makes you feel as though you are in a little town or a Nicholas Sparks movie...

I love meeting the sellers. They tend to be real characters with a vast knowledge of whatever fresh food they are selling. For instance if you meet a tomato farmer, you could end up learning about a bunch of interesting things you can do with a tomato. Even things you probably don't want to know...

Aside from the fresh food. I like looking at all the interesting cuisine being served. Selling hot food at markets is a intense competition. There are soooo many stalls to choose from so food vendors have to do something to draw your attention. Some do that by putting some rather interesting food creations on their menu to spark your interest. Some walk around with tasty treats on a platter they hope will draw you in after you take a nibble.

Oh and let's not forget the flowers!

Then we headed off to my partner's favorite lunch spot The Morrison Hotel. This was my first time going to the Morrison but it sure won't be my last! This place has some of the BEST steaks in Brisbane.  A fact my partner had shared with me on many occasions so I was excited when we happened to be in the area and decided to drop in. The food was mouthwatering.

 It's not the cheapest place but you definitely get your money's worth of food! What more could you ask for? If you come in around lunch time like us you can snag a good deal. For $35 pp we got two 300g steaks, two caesar salads, chips, baked potato, 2 garlic breads, 2 plates of tender bbq ribs, garlic butter, and mushroom gravy! We weren't anticipating the lunch time deal to be so massive so we had ordered cheesy garlic bread for an appetizer! Boy was that a mistake I didn't get through half of my delicious food, but it wasn't for lack of trying. We were practically rolling ourselves out of the door.

The place has a very chill vibe to it. A place where you can sit back, relax have a nice meal, a few beers, and check out the words of wisdom written on chalkboards up above.

The service was friendly and very speedy. Some real characters work there and make the dining experience even more enjoyable. Good place to go for a night out with friends whether you want to hang in the restaurant, the bar, or play the pokies.

After eating there I realize my partner's obsession with the place.

What do you like most about farmer's markets? Thanks for popping by! :)

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