Nice Lake, good company, and few duckies... #recipe


During the weekend my partner and I love to laze about, eating and drinking. If we can do all those things whilst sitting by a nice calm lake with a few duckies we are in a happy place. Luckily the new neighborhood that we recently moved to a few months ago has a big lake at it’s center. We love it! 

There is plenty of shaded areas, beautiful green grass to lay out on and hungry ducks that love to be fed. Perfect way to spend the weekend. On some occasions you are even lucky enough to have front row seats at one of the many weddings happening at the lake, out of respect we usually sit on the opposite side of the lake if there is a ceremony going on! But still good seats and lovely dresses to admire... 

This weekend we packed up the picnic blanket and some Bacon & Fried Egg Cheeseburgers and headed out! My partner was very happy when I told him what I would be making for our lunch. He loves a good burger and let me tell you these burgers were STACKED. Check it out for yourself !

D&C’s loaded Picnic burger 


  1. Beef burger patties 
  2. Sesame seed buns 
  3. Cooked, crispy bacon
  4. Fried Eggs 
  5. Mixed leaf lettuce 
  6. Mashed Avocados
  7. Red onion cut into rings 
  8. Tomato slices 
  9. Thinly sliced cheddar cheese 
  10. Sauteed green bell pepper
  11. Sauteed mushrooms 
  12. Ranch dressing (or whatever dressing you would like) 
  13. Salt and Pepper for seasoning 

To make it more “picnic friendly” we packed up most of our ingredients into plastic containers and brought plates with us so we could assemble them by the lake. Precook your burger patties, bacon,eggs (Season with a bit of S&P)-  And sautee your bell pepper and mushroom.  Put all of your salads into one container (lettuce, tomato, onion). I put the burger patties hot off the stove into my burger buns and wrapped them in foil so they would stay warm until we got to the park. Put your bacon, mushroom, and bell pepper into a container together. And all the rest of your ingredients into separate containers. Burgers are so easy its just preparing different bits and pieces and putting it all together. This is a delicious combo, trust me, we have tried a few dozen... 

If you would like to bring along sauces but you don’t want to bring the big bottles and then risk them going off... simply take a zip lock bag pour as much of the sauce as you think you will need into it and zip it up. Put it into your cooler bag. When time comes to use the sauce just tear a whole in the corner of the bag. And like magic you have your own squeezable sauce bag! 

A nice lake, good company, and few duckies are also essential ingredients...

Today is Big City BBQ here in Brisbane so Ill be heading off soon to join the festivities for a really good cause !

What's is your favorite picnic meal? Let me know, would appreciate some new ideas :) 

For the time being enjoy this calming, slow motion video of duckies swimming across the lake...