First Official Pie Off & a #recipe for Chicken Pot Pie

So if you've been following me on my social networks you probably saw me tweeting and/or posting about an upcoming pie off! Well we did it this weekend and had so much fun. The pie off was just a friendly competition between my partner and I.  Rules were simple make a pie from scratch with out the help of any recipe (except for a bit of inspiration).

Firstly, let me say if you have not invested in a mini pie need one in your life STAT.  I love our little sunbeam pie maker. Makes perfect little pies every time...

My partner made a steak, onion, and mushroom pie while I opted for my take on the classic chicken pot pie. A mini pie maker really makes pie baking so simple. Before we knew it we had 20+ pie and it only took us about half an hour!

I say if you have a bunch of guests over this is your go to meal. Or if you want to pre-make a bunch of lunches just make a few pies and pop them in the freezer!

I'll share my recipe for Chicken Pot Pies with you now, and allow my hubbs to post his recipe later :)

Chicken Pot Pie 


1. Chicken broth
2. Parsley
3. Onion
4. S&P
5. Chopped mushroom
6. Diced chicken breast
7. Supreme Chicken gravy
8. 1tsp All Spice
9. Chicken Salt
10. Oregano
11. Puff Pastry
12. Peas and Corn
13. diced Carrot
14. Diced potatoes

In a saucepan boil your potatoes until tender but not falling apart. In another large saucepan add your diced onion with a couple tablespoons of oil. Cook until they begin to become translucent. Add your various spices and stir until they become fragrant. Add your chicken and toss them in your spices. Pour in your chicken broth and bring to a boil. Turn down the heat a bit and let some of the bubbles subside before placing in your chopped carrot. Place the lid or a plate over the pot and allow to cook for 15-25 minutes or until your chicken is cooked, and your carrot is tender. Drain the chicken broth from the pot. Add your canned peas, corn, and chicken gravy. Stir the mixture until warm.

Now you are ready to assemble your pie. Take a cookie cutter and cut two circles from your frozen puff pastry. Make a incision on one of the dough circles starting at the center of the dough and going to the bottom ( the radius of the circle)-

This is the bottom of your pie. Place this circle in the pie maker, and scoop a good spoonful of your mixture on top of this. Place your remaining circle on top and close your pie maker. Cook until golden brown. Enjoy!

We have plans to do another pie off. Its so easy and fun. Our pie maker serves as a source of good food and entertainment :)

What are your favorite pie recipes?

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