Homemade Pepperoni Pizza w/ ricotta-tomato base

Pizza is so savory and easy to make. If you have never attempted to make it from scratch don't be intimidated. I hadn't before either and look how mine turned out! Its simpler than it seems and once you try it you can say goodbye to major pizza chain and hello to homemade-pizza-goodness!!!

Pizza Dough

1. 3 cups of flour
2. 1 sachet of yeast
3. 1 tbsp of salt
4. 1 tsp of caster sugar
5. warm water
6. Canola Spray

In a small bowl combine your yeast, water, and sugar. Cover this mixture and allow to sit in a warm place. Place your flour & salt in another bowl. Once your yeast begins to bubble add it to the flour-salt mixture and mix well. Use your hands to help the dough take form. Spray the dough with a bit of canola spray on all sides and then toss in a bit of flour. Place in a bowl & cover for 25 minutes to allow it to grow in size. Using a rolling pin and your hands shape your pizza base.


1. Tomato sauce
2. Ricotta spread
3. Hungarian salami ( thinly sliced)
4. Mozzarella
5. S&P
6. Oregano

In a bowl mix tomato sauce and ricotta. Spread a thin layer on your base. Season with S&P and oregano. Sprinkle with mozzarella cheese and add your salami. Cook until base is crispy and cheese has melted.