Salmon BLT: Tips for cooking a crispy salmon fillet

This isn't very complex at all! As long as you know how to cook a salmon fillet and bacon you've got this in the bag.

I cooked my salmon on low to medium heat and made sure to flip until I got this nice golden color on both sides.

Slapped some japanese mayo on a bun, lettuce, salmon, some crunchy bacon, and tomatoes...and you have your Salmon BLT!

It may be simple but that doesn't make it any less delicious! We paired it with some chips and my favorite bundie guava juice and you have a yummy summer (or anytime of year really) lunch!

My tips for cooking a nice crispy skinned salmon fillet: 

1. Sprinkle with sea salt before cooking
2. Cook skin side down
3. Do not over cook! Cook for around 5 minutes but it really depends on how thick your fillets are.
4. Test the flakiness of the fillet with a fork to make sure it is ready!