Weekend Wrap Up: Ocktoberfest

So I actually won something...

I know?! I was shocked too.

And I won something I was actually interested in winning! You see Urban List has these occasional "Forward a Friend" email contests. All you have to do is forward their newsletter to a friend and you go into the draw to win whatever prize they are giving away that week. A few weeks back I was skimming through the newsletter and saw the "forward a friend" thing and just went ahead and forwarded it to my fiance not even really entertaining the thought that I might win. And I did!

See this goes to show... you never know! After I won I had the urge to buy a lottery ticket :/

So I won two tickets to Ocktoberfest Brisbane ! We went on Saturday and had so much fun. We brew our own beer so we hardly (never) buy beer.

We decidedto fully immerse ourselves in the Ocktoberfest experience and forked over the cash for a few beers. We cringed as we handed over $10 for a beer.

Overall it was a nice experience. We were tempted to get the Pork Knuckle plate but became very intimidated once we saw the size of the thing. Its HUGE. Looked very yummy and a popular dish at the festival but we wanted something travel size so we could walk around and take photos! We settled on some yummy sausages. I got the cheese Kransky and my partner got a herb-peppery sausage. We both agreed the Kransky was the best and even went back for another before the end of the day!

I loved seeing all the beautiful, colorful dirndls.

 A lot of people who wore dirndls weren't aware of what their dirndl was telling the world! The way you tie your dirndl signifies your relationship status. I think it goes... if you tie your bow on the left you are single....on the right you are taken...and in the back you are a widow or waitress.

I saw a lot of widows and/or waitresses on Saturday.

Brisbane Ocktoberfest is still on this upcoming weekend! Make sure you get your tickets before the fun ends!