Chicken Pakora and other nibbles...

Yeah, yeah I know that I have shared this recipe before. But it's soooooo good I had to share again. This week has been chock full of storms here in Brisbane and its forecasted to continue into the weekend. 

We love stormy weather! Last night was predicted to be a big one so I decided we would have a little storm party with some of our favorite nibbles. First thing that came to mind....CHICKEN PAKORA. 

Its very simple & so good. All you have to do is make the marinade, let it sit in the fridge for a while, fry them up and serve. We had grilled shrimp, rice and roasted potatoes as well. 

I recommend serving the pakora with a tomato based sauce. Check out the recipe for it here. 

On a serious note, we have personally witnessed some of the destruction caused by the storms this week... 

While taking family home through the Greenbank area we saw a house with a tree through it & another with the roof completely off. Our thoughts & prayers are with those whose homes have been damaged...hoping it doesn't get this intense again. 

Also our thoughts & prayers are with those in the Philippines... what the poor people are going through there is unimaginable