Chow House in Fortitude Valley

The uniqueness of the menu at Chow House in Fortitude Valley is unparalleled. Chow House, formerly James Street Bistro, is an awesome “dinner and a movie” spot given that it is next door to the Palace Centro Cinemas. You can view the movies playing that night from the comfort of your dinner table. 

Just looking around at the faces of the guests on Wednesday night we knew instantly this was where people came to unwind and enjoy some good food...

The colorful, flavour packed menu definitely sparked our interest but what to choose?

After a brief discussion we thought it best to ask the staff and they didn’t let us down. We agreed on the spicy thai pork street sausage with tomato & chilli relish, peking duck wrapped in a shallot pancake accompanied by cucumber and hoisin, salted fried squid with garlic, pepper and sweet chili mayo, and last but not least the caramelized pork belly on a bed of spicy green tea noodles and mixed greens. The meal was beautiful. A perfect balance of intriguing flavours that will ignite your tastebuds and put a smile on your face. As each new dish was presented to us our eyes grew wider and our smiles larger. The squid was cooked to perfection and seasoned just enough so that it wasn’t overpowering when paired with the sweet chili mayo. The thai pork street sausages are a MUST HAVE. The savoury flavours of the pork mingled nicely with the spicy tomato, chutney-like relish. The peking duck wrapped in a shallot pancake was incredible. After taking one bite you’ll never question why this is one of Chow House’s most beloved dishes.

Finally, we devoured a piece of succulent pork belly. I will admit even though we asked the staff for help on what to feast upon that night we had been eyeing the pork belly for a while….ever since Chow House posted a photo of this delicious dish on their Facebook wall we longed to try it. It is no secret that my fiance and I are obsessed with pork belly.

We had never had pork belly with an asian influence. This meal was well constructed, perfectly layered with spicy green tea noodles and mixed greens perfected with a decent  piece of pork belly on top. If you are like us and believe no pork belly is complete without extra crispy crackling this meal certainly won’t disappoint.

Join Chow House and head chef Timmy Kemp, Wednesday November 27, 2013 for “A culinary journey through the streets of South East Asia”. A perfect night out for food lovers enjoying a beautiful menu inspired by the streets of Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Hong Kong perfectly matched with Craggy Range wines.

For bookings, phone 3852 5155 or email

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** AmeriAus was a guest of Chow House. All opinions expressed are our own.