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Let me just start this post off by saying we absolutely ADORE Vietnamese food. I am a newbie when it comes to good Vietnamese food...being from a small town in Mississippi where the only types of cuisines on offer were Mexican or American...literally... I was introduced to Vietnamese food last year not long after I arrived in Australia.

What’s not to love about good Vietnamese cooking? Incredibly fresh ingredients… mouthwatering, and beautifully complementing flavours…colorful presentations… Sing Sing Chinese & Vietnamese Restaurant in West End has all of this down to an art -but the added bonus is that the owners have an incredible passion for what they do. This passion resonates powerfully in the food.

The hospitality of the staff at Sing Sing is unparalleled. Sing Sing is a family owned & operated restaurant. The staff consists of family members who alternate shifts each night. So you know they are personally invested in the’s their family’s business and they genuinely care for their customers. So it goes without saying that the hospitality at Sing Sing is outstanding… the friendly staff made us feel like royalty on our visit. The ambience of the restaurant was very comfortable and calming. We felt right at home.

Did I mention Sing Sing serves both Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine? Vietnam was for a long time occupied by the Chinese so the influence it has had on Vietnamese cooking is very significant. The chef’s daughter explained that the Chinese cooking at Sing Sing was a Vietnamese take on Chinese dishes and would be like nothing we had experienced before.The staff was more than happy to help us in choosing dishes from their large, and diverse menu. For our entrees we had the Crispy Spiced Quail, and the Prawn and Meat Rice Paper Rolls. Our mains were the combination bird’s nest (perfect for sharing) and the Vietnamese Shaking Beef!

The Quail was perfectly crisp and seasoned to perfection. Believe it or not we had never had quail before! Sing Sing provided an appetizing introduction to what I think will be an ongoing love affair…

All I have to say about the Prawn & Meat Rice Paper Rolls is fresh, fresh, fresh and fresh! My mouth is watering just thinking about these yummy rice paper rolls and that beautiful nutty dipping sauce. Everything you could possibly desire in a rice paper roll!

The bird’s nest was a not so little slice of heaven. Excellent value for money! Guess what? This is the ONLY place in Brisbane where you will find a bird’s nest made of potato! Yes, that’s right, potato! It added a terrific crunch to this beautiful nest overflowing with juicy, tender meat. Lastly, we devoured the Vietnamese Shaking Beef. I don’t order beef often but surprisingly this was my favorite. All I can say is that Sing Sing truly knows what they are doing in the kitchen. This beef was so juicy and packed full of flavour. The tomatoes, pickled carrot and veggies mingled together to create an explosion of astoundingly good flavours in your mouth. You know something is amazing when you are incredibly full but just can’t bare the thought of leaving the plate half eaten.

The staff didn’t let us down with their recommendations and we walked away firmly believing that we had just partaken in some of the best Vietnamese and Chinese food West End had to offer. Now if the unbelievably delicious food, superb hospitality & relaxing atmosphere wasn’t enough to convince you that Sing Sing is the place for you. I’m happy to report they also have karaoke!!!

If meat is not your thing don’t worry Sing Sing also offers a wonderful vegetarian menu. Having a get together with friends, family, or work colleagues? Sing Sing has you covered with delectable banquet menus.

The only negative is that we didn’t have room for dessert :( Oh well, maybe next time….because there will most definitely be a next time!

FYI Sing Sing will be commencing monthly cooking classes very soon! How great is that? Learn from the best! You might run into us as well ;) Here's a little about the class:

Class Menu: 

☆ Prawn & Meat Rice Paper Rolls 
☆ Papaya Salad with King Prawns 
☆ Chilli Chicken with Chilli & Lemongrass Stir Fry
☆ Morning Glory with Garlic 

(All dishes are gluten-free and can be made vegetarian upon request) 

When: Saturday 7th December 2013 - 9:30am
Price: $79 per person

Afterwards, you will dine on your creations over lunch with your choice of beverages. 

Find more info on the Vietnamese cooking class, here.

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*AmeriAus was a guest of SingSing. All opinions expressed are our own