Breakfast at The Chelsea Bistro

The Chelsea Bistro in The Barracks has breakfast down to an art. They have one of the most interesting, diverse, and flavor packed breakfast menus we have come across so far in Brisbane!

Approaching the Chelsea Bistro we found it to be a very inviting place!  They have a size-able outdoor area with large tables. Perfect for those who might have family in town and want to enjoy the fresh air.  As we arrived a large group of bikers were leaving having enjoyed a nice cup of coffee outdoors on this lovely Brisbane morning. 

If you want to escape the outdoors...Chelsea Bistro also has a very intimate, & cosy indoor dining area. We loved the plush bench style seats; they were very comfortable as we sunk in and began scouring the menu. The inside reminded me of a little French cafe, equipped with gold and marble embellishments. After talking to the owner we learned that France, was in fact one of his design inspirations. As we looked around and immersed ourselves in the place we felt as though we had literally left Brisbane and were enjoying a lazy morning in a cute cafe in the south of France. If this beautifully designed place was any indication... we knew we were in for an amazing breakfast. 

I'm happy to say Chelsea Bistro did not disappoint. I would go back to this place...again...and again...and again. The owner was so friendly & hospitable! He made sure all of the guests were personally taken care of; making the rounds every so often, even stopping to have a nice chat. 

After much debate we choose the poached eggs, smoked bacon, carrot jam, potato hash, & feta... 

This was an excellent breakfast option for those wanting something light but still very filling. The medley of flavors complimented each other so well. From the smoky flavored bacon...sweet carrot jam, creamy feta... it was a match made in heaven! By the end of the meal I was very happy I chose this. It was something I wouldn't have normally chosen but now it's one of my favorite breakfast dishes. 

We also chose baked eggs, poached salmon, bombay potatoes, kasundi, yoghurt, & coriander.. 

A combination of rich, complimenting flavors...The warm poached salmon was cooked excellently and went well with the fluffy bombay potatoes in their almost curry like sauce. This meal will melt in your mouth! Its a heavier breakfast option, much larger than we expected! Great for those catching a late breakfast. You will fall head over heels for this dish. 

Darrell got his usual tall, skinny cappuccino only this time he had 6! Yeah, the coffee was that good. They even offer a jumbo coffee..which looks more like a bowl than a cup. Coffee lover's paradise...

We finished this pleasurable experience off with a refreshing glass of juice. Yum ! 

Chelsea Bistro also offers lunch & dinner with equally amazing and diverse options. They even have share plates! 

If you are in the mood to spoil yourself this weekend...take it easy & treat yourself to a world class breakfast from The Chelsea Bistro. 

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*AmeriAus was a guest of The Chelsea Bistro. All opinions expressed are our own.