The Vue Lounge in New Farm

We are on the hunt for the BEST breakfast spots in Brisbane and Vue Lounge is definitely a contender...

When arriving at the Vue Lounge in New Farm for breakfast it didn't take long for us to realize this was a popular spot! The place was bustling with people! Despite all the activity the service was pretty good. We were immediately greeted as we walked in and shown to a table.

Vue Lounge has a very open setup which was very refreshing. Don't be overwhelmed if you see the place surrounded by a sea of people. Once you get by them there are plenty of tables on the inside.

The ambience is very open, friendly, and vibrant! Perfect place to stop in with a group of friends for a hot breakfast, fresh juice, or a beautiful cup of coffee. After scouring the menu I became intrigued with the "Snap Fitness Breakfast" which featured poached eggs, smoked salmon, avocado, roasted tomato, asparagus, wilted spinach + sourdough.

Don't be fooled by the name of the Snap Fitness Breakfast! Yes, it is a very healthy breakfast option but it's also extremely filling! Looking around the Vue everyone seemed to be enjoying a very size-able breakfast. Great value, for money. The salmon had a beautiful flavor that mingled nicely with the poached eggs & wilted spinach. I will admit I don't eat my greens the way I should but if they tasted as incredible as the Snap Fitness Breakfast from Vue...

Well, I'd be a lot healthier.

After seeking a little advice from the very attentive staff at Vue Darrell went for the pan fried chiziro, ratatouille, halloumi + sourdough (and a tall, skinny cappuccino of course)

This dish is a mountain of juicy warm sausages, fried eggs, and halloumi! A very hearty breakfast. It tasted just as good as it looked.

I said it before and I'll say it again... this place has great value for money. Probably one of the reasons its such a popular spot...

I loved the presentation of the food at Vue. It was so colorful and smelled heavenly we had to practically force ourselves to take pictures instead of devouring it on the spot.

To finish it off we enjoyed a nice refreshing "passion fresh" juice with fresh mint. This is also a favorite among the staff at Vue with some admitting that they have at least two each morning. I would also recommend giving this a shot!

Vue also offers a takeaway breakfast menu! And on Wednesdays from 5:30pm - they offer mouthwateringly good burgers for only $10, takeaway!!! The staff at Vue was kind enough to bring us some macaroons after we finished our breakfast! 

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*AmeriAus was a guest of Vue Lounge. All opinions expressed are our own.