The Best Fish Taco Recipe...EVER!

It's CHRISTMAS time!!!

I hope you & your family are having a wonderful holidays. This is without question our favorite time of year.

Wow...we haven't done a recipe post in a while. We will try to do better in the New Year ;)

As you may know one of our favorite quick, dinner dishes is fish tacos! We have tried thousands upon thousands of different recipes for this search of the perfect fish taco.

What makes a perfect fish taco? I'm glad you asked:

- A flaky, white fish with a super crunchy coating 
- zesty & spicy sauce 
- fresh ingredients
- a few drinks & good company! 

Guess what? We've nailed it ;) So our gift to you this Christmas is a simple, and incredibly delicious recipe for the perfect fish taco. Enjoy!


1. 2 Basa fillets
2. 1 large bowl of panko breadcrumbs
3. 1/4 a cup of flour
4. 1 large egg
5. Tortillas
6. Shredded lettuce
7. 1/2 cup oil


1. 1/2 of plain yoghurt
2. 1/2 of mayo
3. 1 lime juiced
4. splash of hot sauce
5. 1tsp cumin
6. 1tsp dill
7. 1tsp oregano
8. 1tsp paprika

Pico de gallo:

1. 2 chopped tomatos
2. 3 chopped green onions
3. 1/2 lime juiced
4. Salt & Pepper to taste

Prepare your pico de gallo. Mix all of your ingredients (excluding S&P) together in a small bowl. Season with S&P to taste. Cover with cling wrap and set aside. Prepare your sauce. In another bowl combine all of your ingredients and mix until well combined. Add more lime or hot sauce to suit your preference. Cover in cling wrap & set aside.

In a small bowl, mix your flour & egg together. Do not over mix. Slice your Basa into strips and dip in the flour-egg mixture, turning to make sure it is well coated. Now toss the fish in panko breadcrumbs until well coated. Repeat this with all the fish strips. Pour your oil into a deep skillet and set on med-high heat. Fry your strips in batches and place in a paper lined bowl to drain.

To assemble, place your fish on top of your tortilla. Drizzle over your sauce. Sprinkle over your shredded lettuce & pico de gallo. Wrap & enjoy :)

Mini Road Trip: Dayboro Cafe

The last couple of weekends we have been going on "mini road trips" up to the D'Aguilar ranges & Samford Valley area in Queensland. Darrell was born in Brisbane and had been up this way many, many times....but he had never mentioned it to me! He admitted that he may have taken this truly beautiful part of the country for granted. If you are in search of a great weekend escape head up this way!

Along with the breathtaking scenery you can also enjoy some pretty amazing deals at the local cafes. One of the best things about little cafes in country towns is that they give you A LOT of food for very little cash. Looking at the prices I felt as though we were robbing them...

We checked out the Dayboro Cafe last weekend. The service were excellent. We walked in, checked out the menu, ordered and the cashier told us it would be 5 minutes. I thought to myself..."Yeah sure."

But it was LITERALLY 5 minutes.

Needless to say we left with big smiles on our faces because after all the trekking we'd done through the bush that day.... we were starving.

 Next time you are up this way & in search of a quick bite...head over to Dayboro Cafe!

We're going to Sydney: New Years 2013!!!

Our non-refundable rooms are booked so I guess that means we're going!!! 

This year has been monumental for us. I made the big move from my small town in US to Australia this year. One of the greatest decisions of my life. I absolutely love this place. We got our first place together in sunny Queensland - leaving our suitcases to collect dust in the closet.

( In case you didn't know we took an extended holiday the last few years... traveling around the US and Australia...lots of packing...and lots of hotel rooms...)

 It was a huge thing for us, settling down in one place after that.

Let's not forget...we started blogging! We began AmeriAus back in March of this year. Given 2013 was such a big year for us we wanted to end it on a high. So we are going to spend the New Years in one of the most beautiful cities on earth... at one of the most iconic locations (pictured above).

And it goes without saying we are going to literally eat the place up... So prepare yourself for our foodie adventures through Sydney. We are there from Dec 28 till a little after New Years.

We'll bring you some of the yummiest spots in town. So if you ever make the journey to Sydney your meal plan will be ready to go! Follow along with us on our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc to see what we get up to in real time.

Sydney here we come...

- C.