#HealthyStart Resolution: First Post of 2014!

This is our first post of the New Year! We had an amazing time in New South Wales and met so many passionate foodies. I think it was probably one of our most memorable New Years. It was so good we are thinking of making it an annual trip.

 There is really nothing like New Years in Sydney :) !

As you know this is the time of year where people make their resolutions. We have one too... that (fingers crossed) we will be able to abide by.

We have decided to eat ALOT healthier this year. We are going to cut back on the cheese...greasy bacon...and other fatty snacks (aka all of our favorite things...) and opt for a healthier diet.

We admit we have OVER indulged, eating whatever we want with reckless abandon. Now we are determined to change that.

So here are a few of the "rules" we will follow:

- We will work to incorporate leafy greens or other veggies in every meal we make. 

- We will use little to no oil in our meals 

- We will swap our evening movie snacks (ie potato chips, chocolate, etc..) for healthy shakes. 

- We will strive to choose the healthiest menu options when eating out 

I think if we can follow these simple guidelines & make smart choices we will be in a better position health wise by the time 2015 rolls around ! Your motivation is greatly needed & appreciated ;)

What resolutions have you made this year? Any food related ones? A foodie friend of mine told me her resolution was to have a "no meat" day at least once a week! How are you going to make 2014 your best year yet?

We'd love to hear your resolutions in the comment section.