The Harvest Restaurant @ The Sebel Resort & Spa Hawkesbury Valley

One of the things that sold us on The Sebel Resort & Spa in Hawkesbury Valley was their fine dining restaurant, The Harvest. The food sounded terrific and we thought it would be nice to have a romantic dinner one night after a long day of exploring Sydney. 

Upon walking past reception & into The Harvest we were instantly greeted by a very gracious host and shown to our table by the window. I would describe the Harvest as a very intimate and cosy restaurant. The kind of place you would treat someone special to..

As the website suggests...The Harvest Restaurant truly is one of the Hawkesbury's best kept dining secrets! With a beautiful French provincial styled lobby, marble fireplaces, stunning floral arrangements, and plush flooring...

We anticipated a mouthwatering meal. The summer menu offered a variety of appetizing dishes. One rule of thumb we always follow when stuck on what to choose is "Ask the staff". They'll typically ask you what type of food you feel like, and are wise enough to suggest the best options for you. 

So after a brief discussion with a very helpful waitress we choose the garlic ciabatta bread, and the pan seared scallops w/ puffed rice, pine nuts, maple syrup soaked raisins, horseradish aioli, and lemon myrtle foam. 

The bread was beautiful, crunchy, buttery, with a fresh garlic flavor. The scallops are to die for! One of the most delicious scallop entrees we have ever had. It was sweet, creamy, and savory all at once. The scallops were plump, and juicy. The sweet maple syrup soaked raisins, creamy horseradish aioli, and crunchy pine nuts created an interesting and very pleasing combination. The presentation was simple & elegant. Bravo! I only wished I could have had more. 

It didn't take Darrell very long at all to decide that the 12 hour confit of Berkshire pork belly  was for him! It was accompanied by scampi tail, iberico, salted grapes, pear, pickled beetroot, and parsnip puree. After talking to the waitress and looking around the room it was obvious that this was a very popular dish at The Harvest.

It was sensational! We love our pork belly and this was beautifully cooked. The presentation was very interesting. The pork belly was juicy & thick with an intense smoky flavor. The crackling was golden, crunchy and seasoned to perfection. 

I chose Boston Bay mussels cooked in Bilpin cider, pancetta, white wine cream accompanied by a bowl of beer battered onion rings.

I had never had mussels with beer battered onion rings but the combo wasn't too bad. It was such a large serving of onion rings too, which made it perfect for sharing with the table. You would definitely need to share the onion rings if you ordered the mussels because the serving of mussels you get on their own is pretty massive! The mussels were some of the plumpiest and juiciest I have ever eaten. The waitress was kind enough to bring me a bowl to discard the empty shells in and some aioli dipping sauce for the onion rings. I ended up needing two bowls to discard the large amount of empty shells! You get your money's worth with this dish.  They were very good in the white wine cream sauce. I found myself more than full halfway through the dish but unable to stop eating! 

We enjoyed a truly exceptional meal whilst overlooking the lake at The Harvest Restaurant. The service was very courteous & attentive. If you are in the Hawkesbury area and looking for a special spot to take a loved one then we highly recommend The Harvest Restaurant at The Sebel Resort & Spa Hawkesbury Valley. The Harvest can also cater to a private party of up to 80 people!

Check out the 2014 Harvest summer menu for yourself, here. 

For enquiries contact (02) 4577 1277 or via email at 

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*AmeriAus was a guest of The Sebel Resort & Spa Hawkesbury Valley