Wholly Cow Cafe in Sawtell, NSW

If you have been following along with our journeys, you know that a few days after Christmas we loaded up our Holden Cruze & set out on a road trip from Brisbane to Sydney (11 hour + drive!).  Whilst planning our trip we made certain that we would be in the Coffs Harbour area around lunch time. Why?  Well, we heard rumour that we could eat some of the tastiest and freshest hamburgers the region has to offer just 20 minutes outside of Coffs Harbour.  After doing our own research, it became a ‘must eat at place’ on our trip and we were not disappointed!

You know, a nice burger is really hard to come by...What makes a great burger you ask?

- incredibly fresh ingredients (the lettuce should make that beautiful crunch noise when you bite into it!)

- homemade, juicy meat patties

- and finally it needs to be so big you need both hands to hold it!

If you are in search of the perfect burger then Wholly Cow Cafe is the place for you.

At Wholly Cow Cafe in Sawtell NOTHING is served out of a can! They make EVERYTHING on site. They hand make their meat  & vegetarian patties..their sauces, relishes, pastes and mayonnaise are all homemade as well. They even use fresh pineapple and prepare their own beetroot! The burgers are huge...With the outstanding quality & size of the burgers you get MORE than your moneys worth at Wholly Cow Cafe.

Don’t you just love when the burger is bigger than your mouth?

After looking over the menu filled with fresh salads, wraps, sandwiches, prime beef & gourmet burgers as well as ALL DAY breakfast options we decided on “The Lot”  & the “Avo” burgers.

"The Lot" consists of a juicy prime beef pattie, cheese, bacon, free range egg, tomato, onion, beetroot, mayo & tomato relish.

You won’t be disappointed with this one. The Lot has everything you could possibly want in a burger. Savoury & sweet! It's massive and jam packed with goodies. I was so full halfway through this burger but it was so good I couldn’t put it down. Can you blame me? Look at it!

The "Avo" burger consisted of a thick prime beef pattie, cheese, bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo & tomato relish.

It was heavenly. I love avocado and it complimented this burger so well.

It only takes one bite to realize just how fresh the food at Wholly Cow is. The food has the kind of flavor you can only get from something that was just whipped up that morning! Healthy and cheeseburger are two words that don’t typically go together...but they go hand in hand at Wholly Cow Cafe in Sawtell, NSW. If meat isn’t your thing don’t worry Wholly Cow also offers vegetarian options! Gluten free? Don’t fret, Wholly Cow has many Gluten Free options on the menu as well. Wholly Cow is a supporter of Suspended Coffee- Australia. Here’s an excerpt from their website explaining how it works:

“Belinda goes into her local cafe to get lunch. She buys herself a sandwich and a coffee. At the same time, she pays for an extra coffee, asking for it to be suspended.

Frank is a man who has lost his job, is facing being homeless and is looking for work. He has spent his last money on his bus ticket for the day.

Frank sees the sign that the cafe has out the front, saying they are taking part in suspended coffee.... those in need can get a free coffee.

Frank goes into the cafe, asks if there are any suspended coffees available and within 5 minutes he has a warm drink in his hands, thanks to the kindness of Belinda and the cafe.”

Isn’t that a cool way to give back! Darrell gives the coffee his seal of approval. It was the perfect pick-me-up after the long drive from Brisbane. The owners & staff at Wholly Cow were friendly & attentive. They took great care of us and we had a wonderful lunch. Wholly Cow Cafe is only minutes away from the beautiful Sawtell beach.

Next time you're in Sawtell give Wholly Cow Cafe a visit!

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*AmeriAus was a guest of Wholly Cow Cafe. All opinions expressed are our own.