Little Saigon Grill on Albert, Brisbane CBD

Authentic Vietnamese street food is now available in Brisbane's CBD! This weekend we were invited to an intimate launch event for Little Saigon Grill in a new lane way under the Rio Tinto building. You may recognize the name- Little Saigon Grill was a popular lunch spot in Rowes Arcade. Well they are back and better than ever! 

The food was incredibly fresh and delicious. Little Saigon Grill is the perfect lunch retreat. Bring a group of your closest friends, gather around one of their tables, and dig in! That's exactly what we did. The food is great for sharing! We tried so many great dishes at Little Saigon Grill- here are a few of our favorites...

Who doesn't enjoy a crispy Vietnamese pancake? You can imagine the huge smiles on our faces when these beautiful pancakes came out. They were accompanied by a basket of fresh vegetables and herbs.

We wrapped the pancake in lettuce for an extra crunch. Delicious! The pancake options available at Little Saigon Grill are: prawn and pork (traditional) (GF) & prawn and duck.

Another one of our favorite dishes from our lunch time feast was the grilled lemon grass pork chop. Mouthwatering flavor- we really enjoyed these juicy pieces of grilled pork.

The rice paper rolls at Little Saigon Grill are some of the best we have EVER had! Stuffed full of juicy meat and fresh ingredients. Yum- you have to try these! 

The Vietnamese chicken curry served with sweet potato was so so good! Juicy tender chunks of chicken in this sweet & savory sauce. The Vietnamese chicken curry is also accompanied with steamed rice. Great to mop up this beautiful curry sauce. You won't want to leave a drop! 

We simply can't forget the slow braised pork belly in coconut juice with boiled egg. The pork belly literally melted in your mouth - it was so tender! The boiled egg created a beautiful velvety sauce when broken up. It tasted heavenly with the pork belly. Just thinking about this dish is making me hungry!

We had an awesome time at Little Saigon Grill! The owner Thanh was so friendly and passionate. That passion resonated in the food. Darrell loves Vietnamese food and was very happy such a great place was only a few metres from his work. They've definitely gained a lunch time regular! If you haven't checked out this gem we recommend that you do! 

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*AmeriAus was a guest of Little Saigon Grill. All opinions expressed are our own.