Romoletto in Ryde, NSW

I really miss New South Wales. Our New Year's trip was SO much fun. We met so many extremely passionate foodies (like ourselves) while in the Sydney area. As our planned departure date grew closer I found myself trying to convince Darrell we should stay a bit longer... We had already extended the trip once... so I knew we had to rejoin the real world sometime... (unfortunately)

Romoletto was one of the last places we ate at whilst in the Sydney area, and they definitely ended our trip on an extremely high note! Romoletto had only been open a few weeks when we popped in for a visit, but can you believe they already had regulars! If that isn't a sign that the team were doing something right I don't know what is...

The two friendly foodies behind Romoletto are Katrina & Emanuele

The two are no strangers to the hospitality scene having met in a local restaurant where they both worked. They had long dreamed of opening up a place of their own someday and when a deli in their neighborhood decided to sell the pieces fell together. The couple admits that the place was in a bad way and needed a lot of work when they purchased it...but you wouldn't notice it because it looks awesome now!

Romoletto is a cute, cosy, and relaxed cafe. A great place to share a coffee or a gelato with friends on a summer afternoon. Don't bypass the food however, its delicious! If you haven't guessed it from the name Romoletto is an Italian cafe. The name originating from the story of the two brothers Romulus and Remus (the founding of Rome)- easily recognizable in the predominately Italian community of Ryde.

On our visit Darrell and I devoured the marinated chicken burger, the chicken schnitzel, and a large bowl of hot chips.

The chicken burger was mouthwatering! Juicy, tender chicken...excellent choice. So good I hardly got to eat any of it because once I let Darrell have a bite it  took a minute to get him to release it! In the end the burger was so huge I couldn't finish it anyhow so Darrell happily polished it off. You won't be disappointed with the chicken schnitzel either. Superb choice... 2 layered pieces of crispy, homemade chicken schnitzel between perfectly toasted bread. The divine crunch when you bite into this beautiful sandwich....yum! Both of these amazing meals were accompanied by a light, and refreshing salad.

The meals at Romoletto are very sizable! Great value for money. The service was quick and courteous. We love aioli with our chips but when we ordered we were informed it wasn't on the menu. Katrina was kind enough to whip some up for us in the back. How nice was that? She made aioli for us on the spot and it was really really good! We were definitely impressed...we even told them they should add it to the menu!

As I said before the meals at Romoletto are great value for money. They are hoping to appeal to workers on the go. The ones that settle for a quick meal at McDonald's due to time constraints.... For the same price you can get a delicious meal at Romoletto like the ones pictured above!  I don't know about you, but I'd pick Romoletto hands down, every time.

We finished off this pleasant experience with a yummy ricotta tart & freshly made tiramisu, and a
skinny cappuccino!

Heavenly! Darrell is obsessed with tiramisu and this was THE best he's ever had. A credit to Emanuelle who made it fresh that morning. Oh, and we couldn't leave with out trying the gelato! On a hot day in NSW who doesn't love a cup of gelato... We could see it was very popular amongst the customers that day. No one left without a scoop! It's a MUST.

Next time you are in Ryde give Romoletto a try. Katrina and Emanuele will make sure you are well looked after. I have no doubt you'll become a regular!

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*AmeriAus was a guest of Romoletto. All opinions expressed are our own.