All You Can Eat: Maru's Korean BBQ in Sunnybank

After getting some really good news on Tuesday we decided to treat ourselves to a Korean BBQ feast. Neither of us had ever been to a Korean BBQ restaurant ...(I KNOW!)... so we were very excited to give it a go!

We actually weren't aware of the "All You Can Eat" deal at Maru's Korean BBQ until we got there and saw the special "All You Can Eat" menu. It seemed like too good a deal to pass up on. For about $29 dollars you get unlimited meats, salads, and sides! The waygu is the only thing with a limit. You get ONE very sizeable serve of the waygu steaks but everything else is UNLIMITED.

You can eat yourself into a food coma if you so desire. Needless to say we slept very well that night! There are a couple Korean BBQ restaurants in Sunnybank and we will definitely be visiting others in the future. We really enjoyed our dinner. Its a very hands on, and fun food experience. It would be fantastic for parties or special occasions. Gather around a table at Maru's and grill yourself up a delicious meal. The sides are cooked for you. They have a nice selection of soups and dumplings to choose from. We were surprised by how nice the presentation of the pre-cooked meals were! When you think of an "All You Can Eat" place you typically don't expect much effort to be made as far as food presentation. We were pleasantly surprised, however.

The food was awesome. We devoured steaks...pork belly...ribs...dumplings...soup, etc. The service was so quick and friendly. The staff were happy to give us cooking tips given we were Korean BBQ newbies..

Next time you are in Sunnybank with a group of your closest mates...pop into Maru's and take advantage of this great deal! Maru's is undergoing a transition to "All BBQ"...meaning there will no longer be pre-cooked meals on the menu. All BBQ, all the time.

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