Best Mex Series: Mad Mex @ Garden City

Being from the United States I practically grew up on Mexican food...

The US is closely located to Mexico and a large majority of the population is Mexican. So growing up I had a lot of Mexican influences in my life. I've taken a dozen Spanish classes (most of which were mandatory) since the first grade! Unfortunately I didn't retain much of my Spanish lessons. I can say "Hello"...."Goodbye"...."How Are You?"...."Yes"....and count to twenty with ease...but that's about it.

I've eaten my body weight in Mexican food and other variations of it (Tex Mex, etc.) I love Mexican food! When I came to Australia I was sad to learn it wasn't as popular here... there are a few Mexican restaurants- luckily...but nothing like the US. In the small southern town where I'm from the streets are lined with Baptist churches and Mexican restaurants...

So I thought it was about time that I rounded up the BEST Mexican joints down under. I started off my journey with a trip to Mad Mex @ Garden City. My luck has been changing dramatically over the last few months....I've actually been winning things! I won 2 pesos = 2 free meals at Mad Mex from the Nuffnang 007 Birthday Bash competition. We decided to check out the Mad Mex at Garden City and then catch a movie.

Mad Mex reminds me A LOT of Chipotle, although they compare themselves to Subways. Mad Mex operates in an assembly line-esq way. You choose what meal you want (nachos, burrito, etc), tell them which meat you would like, and load it up with as many extras you want (queso, lettuce, pico de gallo, rice, guac, etc)

We chose a chicken burrito and chicken nachos. Darrell loaded up his burrito with all the trimmings....and I mean ALL of them... I loaded my chicken nachos with queso, pico de gallo, beans, sour cream, and guac. 

I was a big fan of Chipotle in the States so I expected to really love Mad Mex and I did. It's nice being able to pick and choose what goes on your meal. You really can't be disappointed with your meal when you made it, can you? Guac isn't free and you pay a little fee for extra meat but you can have as much of the other goodies (pico de gallo, queso, rice, beans, etc) as you desire! So if you are a bit fussy and like your burritos or nachos a certain way.... Mad Mex is for you! Nice size fact I couldn't finish all my nachos but luckily I had Darrell there to polish them off ;)

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*AmeriAus won 2 free meals to Mad Mex from Nuffnang Australia. All opinions expressed are our own.