Lunchgustation @ The Myer Centre

We were lucky enough to snag two seats to the Lunchgustation at The Myer Centre! It was a very unique experience. I can definitely say I've never eaten at a formal dinner table in the middle of a bustling food court while very fancy looking waiters (white gloves and all) served me as a violinist & celloist played softly in the background.... but I could get use to it!

We were treated to a complimentary 10 course lunch sampling some of the delicious food on offer in the Myer Centre food court.

The Entrees: Chinese Chilli duck dumpling (Happy Little Dumplings), Burrito w grilled chicken- salsa fresco & guacamole (Salsa's Fresh Mex Grill), Tofu Vietnamese Roll (Pho Viet 1)

The Mains: Steamed barramundi w ginger & shallot pesto (FantAsia), Balsamic beetroot salad w feta (Sumo Salad), Onion Pakora (Vege Rama), Crispy Pork Belly (Yum Cha Noodle Haus)

The Desserts: Cookies w dark chocolate ice cream (Mrs. Fields & Royal Copenhagen), Doughnut w white chocolate ice cream (Donut King & Royal Copenhagen), Triffle dipping cone w raspberry sorbet (Royal Copenhagen)

We also enjoyed some deliciously fresh juice from FJ's Freshly Juiced! The flavours we sampled were: Juice of Watermelon, Juice of Apple & Acai,  and Juice of Raspberry & Orange.

Favourite drink: Apple & Acai from FJ's Freshly Juiced
Favourite entree: Burrito w grilled chicken, salsa fresco & guacamole from Salsa's Fresh Mex Grill
Favourite main: ...we were divided on this one... Darrell's favourite was the Crispy pork belly from Yum Cha Noodle Haus and Chelsea's was the Steamed barramundi w ginger & shallot pesto from FantAsia
Favourite dessert: White chocolate ice cream from Royal Copenhagen

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