The New Rare Pear in Samford Village

Well, we've got your weekend sorted! It's about time you hopped in the car and headed to Samford Village. We've taken a mini road trip up to Samford a few times now. We fall even more in love each time. You've got breathtaking mountains....beautiful valleys...and some of the BEST cafes you'll ever have the pleasure of visiting.

This place is oozing with character and after one trip you'll never want to go home. 

And now that The Rare Pear has opened up a new cafe in Samford there really is no reason for you to return to Brisbane....I mean really... 

Yes, you heard correctly- the popular Holland Park breakie joint owned by Irene Di'Marco has opened up a new cafe in Samford Village! They've actually been there for 1 1/2 years now and we think Samford Village and The Rare Pear are a match made in heaven. 

The cafe is located in the Lifestyle Centre Complex. This complex is also home to a beauty salon, gift shop, yoga & pilates classes, and a plant nursery. So while you munch away on a delicious meal from The Rare Pear you are surrounded by a sea of exquisite flowers and other hidden treasures. Might be wise to set a budget before coming because you'll be tempted to buy everything in sight! We love The Rare Pear's new location and if you are a nature lover, like us, we are sure you will agree. 

Where else can you have an up close breakfast encounter with a bearded dragon? Don't worry they are friendly and very polite. 

The menus at the Holland Park and Samford aren't the same but you won't be disappointed by the options they have available. We started off with a Berry & Chia Smoothie, and a Skinny Cappuccino

With a little help from Irene we decided on The Rare Pear Summer Salad, The Rare Pear Burger, and the Pulled Pork

The Rare Pear Summer Salad  is made up of roast beetroot, asparagus, crispy pancetta, pumpkin tossed together with quinoa, watercress, spiced pepitas & herbed crumbed bocconcini  with a sumac chipotle dressing. 

This salad has a lot going for it....apart from its good looks! It was INCREDIBLE. We are not surprised at all by it's popularity. If you have been reading our blog you know we are not big salad fans....I mean, to be honest, we never order salad. But I'd order The Rare Pear Summer Salad again...and again...and again. It was such a beautiful combination. It was sweet, savoury, crunchy and that sumac chipotle dressing was perfection. We definitely recommend this dish. 

The Rare Pear Burger was made up of a house burger pattie with bacon, a fried egg, tasty cheese, caramelised beetroot & onion, aioli, mixed leaves, and roast pumpkin relish on a Turkish bun with beer battered chips. 

This burger was everything you could possibly want in a burger. You really get your money's worth at The Rare Pear. A decent size burger it was! The beef pattie was juicy and thick. It had all of the favorites... sweet beetroot...aioli....bacon....fried egg...a pefect aussie burger. 

Last but not least we devoured an enormous Pulled Pork sandwich. This monster sandwich consisted of pulled pork on a turkish roll with house barbecue sauce, haloumi, fried egg, fresh sliced tomato, rocket & aioli....

That should really say it all....this was an amazing pulled pork sandwich. The epitome of pulled pork sandwiches. Did I mention you get your money's worth at The Rare Pear? 

We had an amazing lunch at The Rare Pear...and after writing this review we wish we were there now! The Rare Pear also has a large variety of pastries available that are made fresh each day. Once a month they host a themed dinner- BYO ($2 corkage)- with a set price of $50 a head.

They serve all day breakfast with lunch officially beginning at 11am (but they are pretty flexible).  

The next dinner is scheduled for March 28th at 6:30pm. It will be "A Roman Feast"- 3 course Italian style dinner. Booking is essential so grab a spot by phoning 3289 6688 now! 

*AmeriAus was a guest of The Rare Pear Samford Village. All opinions expressed are our own.