Best Brisbane Cafes: Ad Infinitum in Brisbane CBD

There is a fantastic, new cafe located in Brisbane's tallest building! Yes, all you need to do is look up and walk in the direction of the Meriton Infinity Tower to find great coffee and food. Ramon Olsen, the owner, purchased the spot in July of last year. Olsen says, "we opened Ad Infinitum because we saw an opportunity to provide quick, tasty coffee and food at good prices to the local workers AND (as a bonus) the guests of the Meriton."

The inside of Ad Infinitum Cafe... 

The tagline of Ad Infinitum is "Coffee and Grazing". Grazing simply means fast, on-the-go breakfast & lunch. The mascots of Ad Infinitum are "The Cows" (an animal that enjoys a bit of grazing). Ad Infinitum has freshly made bagels, sandwiches, muffins, caramel slices, wraps, etc. They also have coffee, speciality tea, and smoothies! If you are lucky enough to call the Meriton Infinity Tower home then Ad Infinitum will deliver straight to your door.

Some of the delicious looking treats on offer at Ad Infinitum...

Ad Infinitum's food is delivered fresh each morning- lunch options such as paninis, melts, & wraps are made on site..

So many sweets!
On Saturday we had an instameet in the city so we decided to grab breakfast at Ad Infinitum. We're so glad we did. It was an excellent kick start to our day, which involved a lot of walking.

Darrell started off with his customary skinny cappuccino, of course. I was feeling pretty open-minded so I let Ramon choose my drink. He brought out the "Tropical Queenslander". This smoothie consisted of mango, banana, berry, tropical juice, and yoghurt. I really enjoyed this smoothie. It was so refreshing. You could really taste the mango in this drink. I love mango! If you do as well this is the smoothie for you. Darrell says the coffee at Ad Infinitum is top knotch. He wishes the cafe was located on Eagle Street where he works so he could enjoy a tall, skinny cappuccino from Ad Infinitum every day.

Next, we had toasted organic sourdough with smashed avocado, cracked pepper, balsamic glaze, and sun-dried tomatoes...

The BEST avo-toast we've had in a while! The perfect flavour combination. Fresh avo...balsamic glaze...a bit of cracked pepper...and sun-dried tomatoes....divine!

We also had tasty organic granola w/ milk & honey-sweetened greek yoghurt with tropical fruit salad...

Terrific breakfast option if you are watching your waistline. This was so fresh and flavour packed. Chock full of delicious, juicy fruit & creamy yoghurt. The granola on top adds a nice crunch. 

Finally we had thick "fruit & nutcase" toast with butter and berry preserve... 

This thick cut toast was amazing. So sweet, crunchy, and filling! We really enjoyed this with the fresh berry preserve...

All of the food was so fresh and very tasty at Ad Infinitum. The service was exceptional. Olsen says the team at Ad Infinitum strive for "welcoming and personable" service. We think they excel at it. Everything came out in perfect time, and the staff was very friendly. After devouring all that food we were ready for our instameet. Ramon kindly gave us a box of caramel slices, and banana bread to go! 

Special thanks to Ramon & the team at Ad Infinitum for having us. Next time you are in search of a quick and delicious breakfast in the CBD check out Ad Infinitum. We will definitely be visiting again. After all we NEED to try the fast breaker wrap! 

Follow Ad Infinitum on Instagram & Facebook for great deals and to keep up with the adventures of their mascots "The Cows".

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*AmeriAus was the guest of Ad Infinitum. All opinions expressed are our own. 

Romantic Couples Menu: The Summit Restaurant & Bar on Mt. Coot-tha

To kick off our 3 year anniversary celebrations we decided to treat ourselves to dinner at Summit Restaurant & Bar. This iconic restaurant is located on Mt. Coot-tha aka one of the BEST look outs in Brisbane. The golden-glittery city lights provide the perfect backdrop for dinner. You'd be hard pressed to find a better view in Brisbane..

After arriving we learned that The Summit Restaurant & Bar had a special "Romantic couples" menu. We consider ourselves to be pretty romantic so we decided to give it a shot. The price of the Romantic couples menu turned out to be very reasonable.

The breathtakingly beautiful view from Summit Restaurant...

For $169 dollars you get a French Martini for 2, chef's appetizer, chef's soup of the day, entrees, mains, and a dessert platter with complimentary tea or coffee. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right? We thought so too! You don't have to spend $300+ to treat your special someone to a world class dinner in Brisbane.

Dinner began with a little gift (chocolate truffles)!
Two delicious French martinis garnished with a fresh strawberry

The chef's appetizer this evening was chiziro...

The chiziro was delicious. The perfect little nibble to start the evening. So savoury, topped with a crunchy slice of fresh radish that added a nice bite

The chef's soup of the day was beetroot & gorgonzola...

Words can't describe who AMAZING this combination was... I loved the creamy, smooth texture of the soup. This combination was divine paired with a slice of crusty bread. You'll devour every last drop.

For our entrées we chose the seared scallops, Asian style stuffed crepe, black butter sauce, red radish, micro leaves, peanuts 

These scallops were cooked perfectly. I enjoyed the slight smoky flavour. One of the most unique scallop dishes I've ever had. I would definitely have it again. 
and... twice cooked pork belly, green pea coulis, caramelised apple, petite waldorf salsa

Of course Darrell had to try the pork belly- it was an excellent choice. The juicy, succulent flavours of the pork belly mingled nicely with the caramelised apple which added a subtle sweetness to the dish. 

For our mains we had crisp skin Atlantic salmon, twice whipped butter mash, wilted baby spinach, lime and palm sugar, tomato chilli jam (cooked to medium)

Darrell enjoys his salmon cooked medium and this was beautifully prepared. This was incredibly delicious. A very comforting dish when paired with that creamy potato mash. 

 and... beef tenderloin (200g) with crushed kipler potato salad, buttered beans, and baby carrots...

I'll admit I enjoyed Darrell's buttery potato mash more. I wasn't a big fan of the kipler potato salad. The steak was EXCELLENT. By the time I got my main I was full from all the other delicious food we'd had earlier. The steak was very juicy & tender but I (unfortunately) had to get Darrell's help to finish. 

The dessert platter consisted of mandarin brulee, croissant and apricot pudding, vanilla mousse, raspberry sorbet, & chef's treat and eat

It was nice not having to choose from the dessert options on the menu- it comes with ALL of them. You get the opportunity to try things you may not have ordinarily ordered. You also get complimentary tea and coffee. 

Our verdict? 

The Romantic Couples Menu at Summit Restaurant & Bar is an incredible deal that you NEED to take advantage of. Treat your special someone to a world class meal at one of the most iconic restaurants in Brisbane for great price! The view is priceless. This isn't your typical restaurant, it's an experience. One we thoroughly enjoyed!

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Lunch @ The Edge in Mooloolaba

Sunday lunch at The Edge was the perfect end to a fantastic weekend in Mooloolaba.  The Edge is a beautiful waterfront restaurant, bursting with charm. The owner Heather Andrews.... has a vision that we think will transform this spot into a VERY popular Sunshine Coast eatery. It definitely has what it takes! Great staff, plenty of space, beautiful views, and the food....

The restaurant is currently undergoing a transition so this may be why you haven't heard about it....yet. We are happy to report that The Edge is open for business!

For lunch we had the Seafood Basket which consists of barramundi, calamari, prawn cutlets, fresh prawns, oysters, chips, and a salad...

This would have to be one of the best seafood baskets we've ever had. We loved that it had a mixture of hot & cold seafood. The seafood was incredibly fresh and beautifully prepared. The calamari was so tender and juicy. We found the prices to be very reasonable at The Edge. Take our advice and have lunch at The Edge. Don't subject yourself to the torture that is the UnderWater World cafe... There are much better uses of your hard earned money.

We also devoured the bucket of prawns...

Is there anything better than fresh Mooloolaba king prawns? I don't think so... The prawns were large and very juicy! They had been cooked well. The serving was very sizeable. I had to get Darrell's help to finish this one off and he happily obliged.

For dessert we shared a slice of cheesecake  while taking in the beautiful views around us...

The home made cheesecake was amazing. After trying it we weren't surprised when the waiter informed us that a lot of people visit The Edge simply for the desserts and a cup of tea or coffee. Who could blame them? This was heaven on a plate.

There is nothing like a seafood feast by the water....

The Edge is also available for functions (weddings, business meetings, etc)! When passing by you may have noticed the rather formal looking set up at the front of the restaurant. You've probably just exited Underwater world and don't think your dressed for the occasion...

Let us assure you-you are! The formal tables are being phased out and replaced by clean, and inviting white dining tables and chairs. In the future the formal setting will only be used for functions.

We had a fantastic experience at The Edge. The staff was very hospitable. They made us feel right at home. It's safe to say the Edge has gained two new regulars.

The Edge Facebook Page

For reservations phone,  0417 972 051

*AmeriAus was a guest of The Edge. All opinions expressed are our own. 

Best Mex Series: Bundilla Mexican in Mooloolaba

We took a trip down to the Sunshine Coast for the third installment of our BEST MEX series. Bundilla Mexican Restuarant/Takeaway has been in Mooloolaba for over 20 years! It was clear that it was very popular amongst the locals when we visited on Saturday night. Every table was reserved and it quickly became bustling with loads hungry people. Bundilla is one of those great places you pray a local will recommend to you when visiting the Sunshine Coast. Affordable prices, great food, and impeccable hospitality is how we would describe Bundilla Mexican. The next time we are on the Sunshine Coast you'll be sure to find us here.

The restaurant has recently changed hands. The new owners, Bruce and Fiona Heard were actually regular customers of the restaurant before purchasing it last year. They were at the restaurant for a meal one day when they noticed that the shop was for sale. They bought it and told us it was one of the best decision they've ever made. The couple worked at the restaurant for 6 to 7 months learning the tricks of the trade before taking over the reins. They recently got a new shop sign and from what we saw Saturday night things are going very well! 

So.... how was the food you ask...? 

We started off with some homemade guacomole and chips...

The guac was beautifully prepared. Incredibly fresh, and smooth! I had to restrain Darrell from scrapping the bowl clean. He refused to believe that the dip was gone. 

For our entrees we had Chilli Rellenos which are jalopeno chillies with cheese, dipped in batter, and fried...

After informing Bruce that we we preferred milder food we were a bit surprised when he recommended the jalopeno chillies.  We went with it and we are so glad we did! This would have to be one of the best dishes we tried thus far in our BEST MEX series. The jalopenos weren't overpowering at all. After being deep fried, covered in cheese, and sour cream the chillies provided a nice suddle bite to this dish. The chilies were  placed on top of a bed of mexican rice which made it even more incredible. This dish is a MUST TRY. Darrell is still pestering me to ask for the recipe... 

For our main we had Combo #2 which came with a beef enchilada, taco, and taquitos...

We love the combos at Bundilla. They give you a bit of everything ! The serving was massive. You get more than your money's worth at Bundilla Mexican. It's nice not having to settle for one thing. If you feel like enchiladas, tacos, and taquitos then you can have it.... AND for a great price! The food was delicious. The enchilada was definitely a favourite of ours. 

We both agree that Bundilla Mexican is one of the most authentic Mexican food options on the coast. Next time you are in Mooloolaba give it a try for yourself.

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*AmeriAus was a guest of Bundilla Mexican. All opinions expressed are our own. 

Lunch @ Le Bistro Jardin in Mooloolaba

It was our anniversary this weekend! We celebrated this special occasion by spending the weekend in Mooloolaba. I'd never been to Mooloolaba so I decided to do a bit of research online before our journey to check out the area. My research mostly involved me browsing Urbanspoon in search of the best spots to grab a bite to eat... During my search I came across Le Bistro Jardin. If you couldn't guess by the name Le Bistro Jardin specializes in French cuisine. We adore authentic French food so the place sparked our interest!

From the pictures we found online this French restaurant seemed to be bursting with character - and the food looked divine. We immediately put it on our list. After experiencing Le Bistro Jardin for ourselves I'm happy to report that it's even better than pictures can convey. Le Bistro Jardin has been a fixture in Mooloolaba for a little over 2 years. The owner and chef Stephen Pulman is no stranger to the hospitality game.

In the 1980's Stephen served as head chef at the very exclusive Mirabelle Hotel in London. So it goes without saying that he knows what he's doing in the kitchen. His expertise comes across is his delectable creations. If the food wasn't enough to draw you to this Sunshine Coast eatery the hospitality will! We found Stephen to be very friendly, and down to earth. He and his regulars were good friends. The atmosphere is fantastic. You will feel right at home at Le Bistro Jardin.

We also discovered that he was quite skilled at reading people- a talent that will no doubt come in handy in the food industry! We left ourselves in Stephen's hands and we weren't at all disappointed with his choices...

Le Bistro Jardin has an indoor AND outdoor dining area...
After checking the place out we headed inside for lunch... 
For our entrée we had Parfait de Jambon Fume...After one bite of this mouthwatering entrée Darrell and I agreed that we could literally eat it all day- so smooth and savoury. We loved the simple, clean presentation of the food. 
It went perfectly with the crunchy homemade parmesan bruschetta. Spread a generous amount on your bruschetta and enjoy! 

For our main we had Tagliolni di patate con cozze...This dish was divine. The tagliolini was cooked to perfection. The delicate flavour of the sauce went beautifully with the juicy, fresh mussels. 

 The tagliolini is perfect for those after a light lunch...
For dessert we had the Opera and a Passion fruit soufflé...You'll become addicted to the home made dessert at Le Bistro Jardin. The Opera was sensational! It is without a doubt one of my favourite desserts now.
 The Opera can be quite a complex dessert to make. The different layers have to be prepared just right to achieve the perfect flavour balance. It's an easy task for Chef Pulman.
Last but not least the passion fruit soufflé... Darrell's expression after one bite of this soufflé said it all- amazing! It came to our table fresh out of the oven and the smell that wafted through the air was heavenly.

Everything is freshly made at Le Bistro Jardin and all the ingredients are sourced locally. They use organic produce as much as possible. They even use organic flour in their cakes and have many gluten free & dairy free options available. Chef Pulman is very mindful of special dietary needs so feel free to inform him if you have any and he is more than happy to cater to them. The Bistro is now open for lunch and dinner from 11:30am!

If you are looking for a good time on a Saturday night in Mooloolaba we recommend Table de'Hote at Le Bistro Jardin. Enjoy a beautiful 3 course dinner- $53.00 a head- corkage BYO $2.50.

To reserve your spot phone: 5477 6588

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*AmeriAus was a guest of Le Bistro Jardin. All opinions expressed are our own.