Best Brisbane Cafes: Ad Infinitum in Brisbane CBD

There is a fantastic, new cafe located in Brisbane's tallest building! Yes, all you need to do is look up and walk in the direction of the Meriton Infinity Tower to find great coffee and food. Ramon Olsen, the owner, purchased the spot in July of last year. Olsen says, "we opened Ad Infinitum because we saw an opportunity to provide quick, tasty coffee and food at good prices to the local workers AND (as a bonus) the guests of the Meriton."

The inside of Ad Infinitum Cafe... 

The tagline of Ad Infinitum is "Coffee and Grazing". Grazing simply means fast, on-the-go breakfast & lunch. The mascots of Ad Infinitum are "The Cows" (an animal that enjoys a bit of grazing). Ad Infinitum has freshly made bagels, sandwiches, muffins, caramel slices, wraps, etc. They also have coffee, speciality tea, and smoothies! If you are lucky enough to call the Meriton Infinity Tower home then Ad Infinitum will deliver straight to your door.

Some of the delicious looking treats on offer at Ad Infinitum...

Ad Infinitum's food is delivered fresh each morning- lunch options such as paninis, melts, & wraps are made on site..

So many sweets!
On Saturday we had an instameet in the city so we decided to grab breakfast at Ad Infinitum. We're so glad we did. It was an excellent kick start to our day, which involved a lot of walking.

Darrell started off with his customary skinny cappuccino, of course. I was feeling pretty open-minded so I let Ramon choose my drink. He brought out the "Tropical Queenslander". This smoothie consisted of mango, banana, berry, tropical juice, and yoghurt. I really enjoyed this smoothie. It was so refreshing. You could really taste the mango in this drink. I love mango! If you do as well this is the smoothie for you. Darrell says the coffee at Ad Infinitum is top knotch. He wishes the cafe was located on Eagle Street where he works so he could enjoy a tall, skinny cappuccino from Ad Infinitum every day.

Next, we had toasted organic sourdough with smashed avocado, cracked pepper, balsamic glaze, and sun-dried tomatoes...

The BEST avo-toast we've had in a while! The perfect flavour combination. Fresh avo...balsamic glaze...a bit of cracked pepper...and sun-dried tomatoes....divine!

We also had tasty organic granola w/ milk & honey-sweetened greek yoghurt with tropical fruit salad...

Terrific breakfast option if you are watching your waistline. This was so fresh and flavour packed. Chock full of delicious, juicy fruit & creamy yoghurt. The granola on top adds a nice crunch. 

Finally we had thick "fruit & nutcase" toast with butter and berry preserve... 

This thick cut toast was amazing. So sweet, crunchy, and filling! We really enjoyed this with the fresh berry preserve...

All of the food was so fresh and very tasty at Ad Infinitum. The service was exceptional. Olsen says the team at Ad Infinitum strive for "welcoming and personable" service. We think they excel at it. Everything came out in perfect time, and the staff was very friendly. After devouring all that food we were ready for our instameet. Ramon kindly gave us a box of caramel slices, and banana bread to go! 

Special thanks to Ramon & the team at Ad Infinitum for having us. Next time you are in search of a quick and delicious breakfast in the CBD check out Ad Infinitum. We will definitely be visiting again. After all we NEED to try the fast breaker wrap! 

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*AmeriAus was the guest of Ad Infinitum. All opinions expressed are our own.