Best Mex Series: Burrito Bar @ Southbank

I really believe that Mexican food is the ultimate comfort food...I mean give me a plate of loaded nachos or an extra cheesy quesodilla and I'm happy. If you feel the same then you will LOVE the next instalment of our BEST MEX series.

Our quest for the best Mexican restaurants down under has led us to Burrito Bar at Southbank. You can also find Burrito Bar at Coorparoo, Portside, and Rosalie! The place was bustling on Friday night. Large groups of friends gathered around tables sharing nachos, wings, and toasting to the weekend.

Even though there were quite a few people there the staff kept things running very smoothly. We weren't in line longer than 5 minutes! We placed our order at the counter, grabbed a number, found some seats, and waited for our dinner to arrive. The Southbank Burrito Bar has a very cool, open, and casual ambience. The walls are decorated in colourful graffiti. It appeared to be a very popular spot for young people.

There were so many delicious sounding options on the menu it was hard for us to decide on what to get. In the end we settled on nachos with pulled pork & guac, a chicken burrito, bbq chicken wings, and mexe fries! And of course its not a complete Mexican food experience without a couple of Jarritos...

We kicked things off with the pulled pork nachos...

They were LOADED. Beautifully prepared pulled pork, guac, & fresh pico de gallo... these nachos are a must try! They were seriously some of the best nachos we've had since arriving in Brisbane.

Next up, the chicken burrito & mexe fries. We sliced our burrito in half to give you a better view. The burritos are very thick & filling. They even have a $5 burrito special during lunch time which we think is an EXCELLENT deal. We also got a bowl of Mexe fries. These fries are seasoned to perfection with Mexican seasonings and paired with a chipotle mayo. A match made in heaven. I recommend this as a side to share. You get a rather large bowl of fries. The two of us couldn't even finish them all!

Last but not least...the BBQ wings! The BBQ chicken wings were mouthwatering. There really is nothing like sharing a basket of sticky, juicy bbq chicken wings with mates. The perfect balance of sweet & savoury. On Wednesday or Wingsday, Burrito Bar has 25cent wings ALL DAY LONG!

We enjoyed our trip to Burrito Bar and will definitely be visiting again. After all we have to try the tacos!!!

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*AmeriAus was a guest of the Burrito Bar. All opinions expressed are our own.