Lunch @ Le Bistro Jardin in Mooloolaba

It was our anniversary this weekend! We celebrated this special occasion by spending the weekend in Mooloolaba. I'd never been to Mooloolaba so I decided to do a bit of research online before our journey to check out the area. My research mostly involved me browsing Urbanspoon in search of the best spots to grab a bite to eat... During my search I came across Le Bistro Jardin. If you couldn't guess by the name Le Bistro Jardin specializes in French cuisine. We adore authentic French food so the place sparked our interest!

From the pictures we found online this French restaurant seemed to be bursting with character - and the food looked divine. We immediately put it on our list. After experiencing Le Bistro Jardin for ourselves I'm happy to report that it's even better than pictures can convey. Le Bistro Jardin has been a fixture in Mooloolaba for a little over 2 years. The owner and chef Stephen Pulman is no stranger to the hospitality game.

In the 1980's Stephen served as head chef at the very exclusive Mirabelle Hotel in London. So it goes without saying that he knows what he's doing in the kitchen. His expertise comes across is his delectable creations. If the food wasn't enough to draw you to this Sunshine Coast eatery the hospitality will! We found Stephen to be very friendly, and down to earth. He and his regulars were good friends. The atmosphere is fantastic. You will feel right at home at Le Bistro Jardin.

We also discovered that he was quite skilled at reading people- a talent that will no doubt come in handy in the food industry! We left ourselves in Stephen's hands and we weren't at all disappointed with his choices...

Le Bistro Jardin has an indoor AND outdoor dining area...
After checking the place out we headed inside for lunch... 
For our entrée we had Parfait de Jambon Fume...After one bite of this mouthwatering entrée Darrell and I agreed that we could literally eat it all day- so smooth and savoury. We loved the simple, clean presentation of the food. 
It went perfectly with the crunchy homemade parmesan bruschetta. Spread a generous amount on your bruschetta and enjoy! 

For our main we had Tagliolni di patate con cozze...This dish was divine. The tagliolini was cooked to perfection. The delicate flavour of the sauce went beautifully with the juicy, fresh mussels. 

 The tagliolini is perfect for those after a light lunch...
For dessert we had the Opera and a Passion fruit soufflé...You'll become addicted to the home made dessert at Le Bistro Jardin. The Opera was sensational! It is without a doubt one of my favourite desserts now.
 The Opera can be quite a complex dessert to make. The different layers have to be prepared just right to achieve the perfect flavour balance. It's an easy task for Chef Pulman.
Last but not least the passion fruit soufflé... Darrell's expression after one bite of this soufflé said it all- amazing! It came to our table fresh out of the oven and the smell that wafted through the air was heavenly.

Everything is freshly made at Le Bistro Jardin and all the ingredients are sourced locally. They use organic produce as much as possible. They even use organic flour in their cakes and have many gluten free & dairy free options available. Chef Pulman is very mindful of special dietary needs so feel free to inform him if you have any and he is more than happy to cater to them. The Bistro is now open for lunch and dinner from 11:30am!

If you are looking for a good time on a Saturday night in Mooloolaba we recommend Table de'Hote at Le Bistro Jardin. Enjoy a beautiful 3 course dinner- $53.00 a head- corkage BYO $2.50.

To reserve your spot phone: 5477 6588

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*AmeriAus was a guest of Le Bistro Jardin. All opinions expressed are our own.