Autumn menu @ Kooroomba Vineyard & Lavender Farm

No matter how many times we head to the country the beauty of Queensland never ceases to amaze me. There really is nothing like spending the weekend in the country. If you are ever in need of something to do on the weekend I highly recommend exploring southern Queensland. We've explored the Lockyer Valley....Mt. Barney....Boonah and so much more.

The gorgeous lavender fields...

To celebrate Darrell's new job we decided to go glamping at Mt. Barney. We stayed at the Mt. Barney lodge. The place is amazing. The tents are well maintained and come with everything you could possibly need. The view from our tent was breathtaking. You have a perfect, unobstructed view of Mt. Barney from your tent. You also have your own bonfire pit. You would expect to pay a bucket load for a view like we had but it was only $90 a night! I's not the lodge we are reviewing today.

On the trip back home from glamping we came across Kooroomba Vineyard & Lavender Farm in Mt. Alford. The sign immediately sparked our interest. I mean this place was a vineyard AND a lavender farm....oh and they just happen to serve food! In case you didn't know this Darrell is really into photography. A vineyard/lavender farm with a mountain backdrop was easy to sell him on...

The lavender perfumed the air with its lovely, calming scent while we had lunch

The place itself is so stunning and well maintained. We were greeted as we walked in and asked if we would like to have a wine tasting. We declined because it was lunch time and I was famished. It was a Friday and the place was very quiet. That's just our style. We love having a restaurant to ourselves. We grabbed a table with a view and settled in for lunch. We ate from the autumn menu which had a nice variety of soul warming dishes.

For our entrees we had quail, mushroom and truffle roulade, toasted broiche, with fig jam -and the soup of the day which was potato, leek, and bacon soup with herbed bread

Exceptional! Still dreaming about this divine dish. The quail was savoury & succulent. The fig jam added a bit of sweetness. A perfect flavour balance. 

The presentation was lovely. This dish looked as good as it tasted.

Creamy goodness! This soup hit the spot on a rather cool, overcast day in Mt. Alford.

Great to soak up the delicious soup with! I love that the bread is presented in this cute little flower pot.

For our mains we had braised lamb shank, potato puree, green beans, olives, and parsley -and twice cooked duck, home made French sausage and white bean cassoulet. 

The perfect autumn dish. As the weather gets cooler you will appreciate the lamb shanks from Kooroomba. 

Perfectly cooked- the meat fell of the bone. I originally ordered this for myself but Darrell took one look at it and immediately wanted to trade.  
Very filling dish- The duck had a nice crispy skin with juicy, tender meat inside. I really enjoyed the home made french sausage. It was paired so well with the white bean cassoulet. 

We had a wonderful lunch at Kooroomba Vineyard & Lavendar Farm. The autumn menu is sensational. This food definitely put a smile on our face. This weekend take a trip to Mt. Alford and check out this marvellous place for yourself.

We were lucky enough to spot a number of kangaroos hopping through the vineyard and lavender fields.

Even the kangaroos appreciate the beauty of the Kooroomba vineyards!