Reef Seafood & Sushi at Gasworks Plaza

Reef Seafood & Sushi know the meaning of the phrase "wine and dine"... A few weeks ago Reef announced on Instagram that they were holding a contest to win a magnum of Moet and a seafood platter. All you had to do to win this glorious prize was follow Reef on Instagram and regram a photo of the platter. Simple right? I had to enter I mean Moet AND seafood?! That's a pretty sweet deal. I was doubtful I would win.... with me being so unlucky and all... But hey! You can't win if you don't put your horse in the race, right?  Moet is one of those drinks we only have on special occasions because ...well were not that fancy. We love Moet so much and the chance of getting a 1.5L bottle of it for FREE was too good to pass up.

Don't even get me started on that seafood platter at Reef...I had heard rumors that it was pretty massive....seeing it on Instagram and real life are two completely different things. This platter was as large as our table. It's so big that people couldn't help but stare (and comment) as they walked by. We were so glad we decided to take our equally large bottle of Moet home...It's safe to say this is the best thing I have ever won- hands down. Check it out:

The platter consisted of sashimi, sushi, hot & cold prawns, fish, oysters, oysters kilpatrick, scallops mornay, calamari, bugs, crab legs, chips and sauce. 

This seafood platter was exceptional! Everything was so fresh. I love that Reef doubles as a fishmonger and a restaurant. How cool is that? You can buy your fresh seafood and take it home OR they'll cook it up for you on the spot. 

The bugs and the prawns were our favorite. Some of the biggest, juiciest prawns I've ever had the pleasure to devour. Can't forget the scallops mornay- mouthwatering. 
This is literally one of the biggest seafood platters in Brisbane. It costs $99 normally. It's so much food it could really satisfy 3 people. Given the variety and the size of the platter we thought the price was very fair. To put it simply: YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!

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*AmeriAus received the bottle of Moet and the seafood platter as a part of Reef Seafood & Sushi's #takemetothereef competition. All opinions expressed are our own.