The Bread & Meat Co opens in Fortitude Valley

If you haven't heard of The Bread & Meat Co you must literally be living under a rock. This place is the talk of the town. Our Instagram feed has been bombarded with delicious looking sandwiches and poutine for weeks now. We'd finally had enough! We had to see what all the fuss was about...

Luckily enough the owner invited us over to have a taste! The owners of Bread and Meat Co are Royce, Monica and Peter. After eating Royce sat down to have a chat with us. They opened their doors over a month ago and already have loads of regulars! They've also noticed a steady incline in the number of customers and catering orders they receive. They went from having 1 or 2 catering orders a multiple catering orders a day. That means they're doing something right. Bread and Meat Co draws inspiration from Katz deli in NYC.

When Royce was a kid he and his friends would sneak into the kitchen of the popular NYC eatery and order the staff around. He assumes they thought he was the boss's kid because they'd actually listen to him! One day the owner walked in while Royce was ordering his staff around. He gave Royce and his friends two choices: dishes or the police station. He chose the dishes and began casually working for Katz. This is where he learned to cook some of the delicious sandwiches you can find on the menu at Bread Meat and Co.

There is a lot of construction going on in the area where Bread Meat & Co is located so it can be a little difficult to find. Don't give up your tummy will thank you for your efforts.

Very rustic decor. Beautiful timber bench tops and even these lovely barn doors with their ram logo branded into them. 

The very unique and stylish barbed wire lights...

On our visit we enjoyed the trio of sliders and the chili cheese fries. The trio of sliders is only $10 ! This is a pretty awesome deal. You'll never want Maccas again once you try these sliders. You get to sample all 3 sandwiches on offer at Bread & Meat Co. The trio consists of the 36 hour roasted beef brisket with swiss cheese and horseradish aioli soaked in jus, the corned beef with gerkin aioli , poached cabbage, and dijion mustard, and the BBQ pulled porked with BBQ hickory sauce and coleslaw.

The meat was so tender! That's what you'd expect when the meat has been slow cooked for 36 hours! All the ingredients at Bread & Meat Co. are locally sourced. 

My favorite was the corned beef, and Darrell's favorite is the brisket. You get your money's worth with these sandwiches. They were loaded with meat- so filling. 

Let's not forget those chili cheese fries...

The best chili fries I've had in Brisbane! The perfect amount of delicious, savory chili, sour cream, and spring onion. A classic !

One thing I really admire about this new Brisbane restaurant is that they don't waste anything. All the food they are unable to sell is donated to charity to help feed homeless and poverty stricken people in Brisbane. If you haven't tried The Bread & Meat Co yet....well what are you waiting for! Get down there! Not only will you be doing your stomach a huge favor but you will be supporting an establishment that gives back to the community.

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*AmeriAus was the guest of Bread & Meat Co. All opinions expressed are our own.