Best of The Gold Coast: Mario's Italian in Broadbeach

You may recall us visiting Alto Cucina & Bar a few weeks ago! If not, check out our review HERE. We really enjoyed our first Alto experience but we couldn't help but notice the awesome looking Italian restaurant next door- Mario's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria. It seemed to be a very popular lunch destination! As we left Alto's we had a glance at the menu at Mario's and were very intrigued. The extensive menu consisted of a large array of pasta dishes, gourmet pizzas, and veal. We have a deep love for Italian food. Ever since our trip to the famous Lygon Street in Melbourne Italian food has held a special place in our heart. There is a shortage of good Italian restaurants in Queensland. So we were keen to see what Mario's Italian was all about. Luckily, another excuse to travel down to Broadbeach quickly presented itself. The Country Music Festival took place on June 20-22. So we booked a table for 2 on Saturday June 21 for lunch.

Our customary skinny cappucino to begin lunch...

Too Bao To Handle Too Cold To Hold: Kwan Brothers opens in Fortitude Valley

There's a new kid in town and it's about time you checked him out. Kwan Brothers recently opened in Fortitude Valley. Brought to you by the masterminds behind Alfredo's Pizzeria, Aflred and Constance, Limes Hotel etc. This new restaurant draws inspiration from Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Bangkok to create a fun, flavourful menu that will leave your mouth watering for more!

We can almost guarantee this Asian fusion restaurant isn't like any you've tried here in Brisbane. It has a very energetic, party-like atmosphere equipped with disco balls and pretty lights. You can instantly imagine yourself there after work, enjoying a few cocktails with your mates. This place is truly unique. They even have a secret whiskey bar in the back. We predict the whiskey bar at Kwan's will become the place to be seen down the track. Decked out in plush black leather seats, and black walls this place oozes coolness & style. I felt my cool points go up just stepping through the door expertly disguised as a freezer! The bartender in Kwan's secret whiskey bar uses a very interesting Japanese technique of carving ice. The ice is carved to fit the glass. The idea is that by using one piece of ice that perfectly fits the glass you prevent a nice whisky from becoming watered down. Whiskey drinkers rejoice! 

We absolutely loved this place. What a fun evening we had with Lucid Media and Brisbane Devoured sampling the menu. Some of the highlights from the menu for us were: Fried Chicken Bao Bao, Crispy Silken Tofu, Crispy Pork Belly, and Southwestern Brulee. We can't wait for our next visit! Check out some of our pictures from the night below:

Fried Chicken Bao Bao Sliders

Best of the Gold Coast: The Cuban Bar & Lounge Dining

The Cuban in Broadbeach is not simply a bar or's a dining experience. We figured this out pretty quickly after arriving last Saturday for lunch. There is a shortage of Cuban restaurants in Queensland. It's a shame because Cuban food is INCREDIBLE. Luckily, The Cuban is here to satisfy all of your cravings...

Menulog #1 for Online Takeaway: Punjab Curry Club

We had heard of Menulog but had never experienced it for ourselves. I can be a pretty impatient person (especially when I'm hungry) so I tend to shy away from having food delivered. The thing with most delivery places is that you never know what's going on with your food. Have they gotten your order? Have they started cooking? Are they almost to your house yet? It's a big waiting game. So when we were approached to try Menulog I was a bit hesitant. I'm happy to report Menulog surpassed my expectations.

Menulog is Australia's number site for online takeaway. They have over 3,500 + restaurants to choose from all over the country. You are spoiled with choices.

Menulog caters to impatient people like myself by providing SMS confirmations when your order has been received and an estimated delivery time. After browsing the menus of a couple of takeaway shops in our suburb we decided on the Punjab Curry Club. It seemed to be a pretty popular restaurant in our neighbourhood and we had never eaten there. It was the perfect opportunity to give this local restaurant a try. You can find it here.

Iconic South Bank Hotel, Ship Inn, turns 150...

I know we've been spending a lot of time on the Gold Coast lately but rest assured we haven't forgotten about Brisvegas. We decided to stick closer to home last weekend so we paid a visit to the iconic South Bank Hotel, The Ship Inn. Now you may think you know the real Ship Inn.... we sure thought we did. I will admit we went in with prejudiced minds...expecting to have a typical pub experience, with typical pub food...

Boy, were we mistaken. Don't get me wrong Ship Inn is, indeed, a pub... BUT this pub has high standards when it comes to food. We were fortunate enough to have a nice chat with owner, John Mander-Jones

First things first, a history lesson to celebrate Ship Inn's 150th birthday....

Best of the Gold Coast: Sage Restaurant & Pizzeria in Broadbeach

As you know we took a trip to Broadbeach a few weekends ago for the annual Blues on Broadbeach music festival. You probably thought we were done with Broadbeach, right? Not even close....

The dining scene in Broadbeach is INCREDIBLE. The variety and amount of quality restaurants are astounding. You don't need to wait for the next music festival to have an excuse to visit this amazing city. If you do...the Broadbeach Country Music Festival is only a few weeks away (June 20-22). We noticed Sage Restaurant & Pizzeria when we were in town for Blues on Broadbeach- how could you not? It was located right next to the main stage (Surf Parade Stage). This was the stage everyone wanted to be near. So as you would imagine Sage was absolutely bursting with people. There was not a single empty table at the entire joint. We quickly learned a table at Sage is a coveted thing during the Blues on Broadbeach festival. You can sit back, have a beer, and enjoy the musical stylings of your favourite artist....while those who weren't able to secure a table glare at you enviously.

Indian Mexican Fusion?! Surprising New Fusion Restaurant Opens In Stones Corner

There's a new style of fusion restaurant in Brisbane that's nothing like anything you've ever tried before! We're talking cross continental fusion..IndiMex Restaurant opened a few weeks ago in Greenslopes and it already has people talking. The head chef/owner is Chef GJ. You may recognize the name. He also owns a popular restaurant in Caloundra called Indiyum.

So how did he come up with the idea for this unique fusion restaurant? Well, Chef GJ specializes in both Indian and Mexican cuisine having previously worked an Indian restaurant whilst he lived in India and a Mexican restaurant in Japan. From his experiences he learned that Indian and Mexican food had a lot of similarities. A lot of the spices they used in cooking were very similar to one another. This is when he had a stroke of genius! What if he could combine these two cuisines into one? Chef GJ describes IndiMex as Indian food with a funky Mexican twist. He wants potential customers to know IndiMex is an Indian restaurant. The only difference is that the food is presented in a traditional Mexican style. For example, burritos are Mexican. However, the burritos at IndiMex are filled with things like lamb rogan josh or instead of a side of Mexican rice you get biryani rice!

Best of the Gold Coast: Champagne Cafe-Restaurant-Bar in Broadbeach

When we walked into Champagne last Saturday night we had no idea of the world class dining experience that awaited us. We were invited to dinner by chef/owner Chef Olivier Burgos. Chef Burgos is the 8th  restaurant owner of the "HIHO" building, the oldest high rise in Broadbeach. He has owned the restaurant for 5 years now. Did you know this historical building has always had a French restaurant on the ground floor? It held the name Champagne Brasserie for 17 years and recently Chef Burgos changed the name to CHAMPAGNE cafe-restaurant-bar.